2008-01-12 H. Peter Anvinconfigure.in: use autoconf 2.61
2008-01-11 H. Peter Anvinwraplinux 1.0
2008-01-11 H. Peter AnvinMCONFIG.in: Add datarootdir to shut up autoconf
2008-01-11 H. Peter Anvin"make install" et al
2008-01-11 H. Peter Anvin"make release" target
2008-01-11 H. Peter AnvinAdd RPM specfile
2008-01-11 H. Peter AnvinDocumentation cleanup, add COPYING
2008-01-11 H. Peter Anvinelf: clean up and correct the PHDR merging code
2008-01-11 H. Peter AnvinAdd wraplinux --version (-V)
2008-01-11 H. Peter Anvinman page: fix copyright notice
2008-01-11 H. Peter AnvinAdd "make distclean"
2008-01-11 H. Peter AnvinAdd "make cleaner" and "make spotless"
2008-01-11 H. Peter Anvinautoconf wants install-sh
2008-01-11 H. Peter AnvinAutoconstipate the build setup, and generate dependencies.
2008-01-11 Marty ConnorAdd man page
2008-01-11 H. Peter AnvinRe-enable optimization for the host code
2008-01-11 H. Peter AnvinAdd version file
2008-01-11 H. Peter AnvinGo to Linux kernel indentation style throughout
2008-01-11 H. Peter Anvinreloc: _exit can't be global unless %ebx is regenerated
2008-01-11 H. Peter Anvinreloc/a20.S: Add newline at end of file
2008-01-11 H. Peter Anvinreloc: add code to force A20 enabled just in case...
2008-01-11 H. Peter AnvinNBI: try to calculate a valid free area; ignore non...
2008-01-08 H. Peter Anvinreloc.ld: whitespace cleanup
2008-01-08 H. Peter AnvinAlign the kernel to a 16-byte boundary
2008-01-08 H. Peter Anvinelf: Correct the merging code for differing alignment
2008-01-08 H. Peter Anvinelf: Merge adjacent PHDRs if alignment and attributes...
2008-01-08 H. Peter AnvinHandle alignment constraints if the backends support...
2008-01-08 H. Peter AnvinReorder struct segment
2008-01-08 H. Peter Anvinsegment.h: change the "length" argument to a size_t
2008-01-07 H. Peter AnvinFactor out mapping/unmapping of files
2008-01-07 H. Peter Anvinfopen(..., "wb") to make ports to other operating syste...
2008-01-06 H. Peter AnvinSupport -o -, note what the defaults are
2008-01-06 H. Peter AnvinAdditional whitespace cleanup
2008-01-06 Marty ConnorAdd usage message
2008-01-06 H. Peter AnvinReturn a meaningful return code; whitespace cleanup
2008-01-06 H. Peter AnvinRemove unused xstrdup() function
2008-01-06 H. Peter AnvinUse xmalloc, xcalloc, xasprintf
2008-01-06 H. Peter AnvinAdd error messages
2008-01-05 H. Peter AnvinRemove output routine from the reloc program, making...
2008-01-05 H. Peter AnvinSort segments when outputting NBI
2008-01-05 H. Peter AnvinHandle mem= and vga= in the Linux kernel command line.
2008-01-04 H. Peter AnvinAdd NBI support
2008-01-04 H. Peter AnvinSort segments before emitting them
2008-01-04 H. Peter AnvinCleaner memory map; avoid < 64K; handle older kernels
2008-01-04 H. Peter AnvinInitial commit: functional for newer bzImage kernels