man: --nbi, not --NBI
[wraplinux.git] / segment.h
2008-05-27 H. Peter AnvinSupport generating Multiboot-compliant ELF images
2008-01-12 H. Peter AnvinCopyright rPath, Inc. not H. Peter Anvin wraplinux-1.0
2008-01-11 H. Peter AnvinNBI: try to calculate a valid free area; ignore non...
2008-01-08 H. Peter AnvinHandle alignment constraints if the backends support...
2008-01-08 H. Peter AnvinReorder struct segment
2008-01-08 H. Peter Anvinsegment.h: change the "length" argument to a size_t
2008-01-06 H. Peter AnvinAdditional whitespace cleanup
2008-01-04 H. Peter AnvinAdd NBI support
2008-01-04 H. Peter AnvinSort segments before emitting them
2008-01-04 H. Peter AnvinInitial commit: functional for newer bzImage kernels