2009-03-17 Tal Aloni[install] Update .inf to work with x64 as well as x86 v0.9.2
2008-12-19 Michael Brown[release] Prebuilt binaries for 0.9.1 release v0.9.1
2008-12-19 Michael Brown[install] Add top-level setup.bat and readme.txt
2008-12-19 Michael Brown[build] Add top-level build.bat and clean.bat files
2008-12-19 Michael Brown[iscsiboot] Inhibit harmless warning on 64-bit builds
2008-12-19 Michael Brown[iscsiboot] Remove extraneous comment block
2008-12-19 Michael Brown[iscsiboot] Fix calculation of subnet masks with a...
2008-12-18 Michael Brown[iscsiboot] Initial revision of WinXP iSCSI boot driver... v0.9