[install] Add reg_set_sz() function
[sanbootconf.git] / driver /
2009-10-26 Michael Brown[driver] Wait for system disk to arrive before proceedi...
2009-10-26 Michael Brown[driver] Enumerate disk devices and extract signatures
2009-10-24 Michael Brown[driver] Add boot delay skeleton
2009-10-23 Michael Brown[driver] Add sBFT detection and debug parsing
2009-10-22 Michael Brown[driver] Scan the whole of base memory, rather than...
2009-10-22 Michael Brown[driver] Split out iSCSI-specific code to ibft.c
2009-10-22 Michael Brown[driver] Split out registry-handling code to registry.c
2009-10-22 Michael Brown[driver] Use DbgPrintEx() for XP and above
2009-10-22 Michael Brown[build] Rename iscsiboot => sanbootconf
2008-12-19 Michael Brown[iscsiboot] Inhibit harmless warning on 64-bit builds
2008-12-19 Michael Brown[iscsiboot] Remove extraneous comment block
2008-12-19 Michael Brown[iscsiboot] Fix calculation of subnet masks with a...
2008-12-18 Michael Brown[iscsiboot] Initial revision of WinXP iSCSI boot driver... v0.9