2008-06-13 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: Document new chain.c32 features.
2008-06-13 H. Peter Anvinchain.c32: support swapping BIOS drive numbers
2008-06-13 H. Peter Anvinchain: use shuffle API; support loading a boot file
2008-06-12 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: update the blurb about the new MEMDISK geometry...
2008-06-10 H. Peter exit values; fix division by zero
2008-06-10 H. Peter AnvinFix DOS interrupt error messages syslinux-3.70-pre16
2008-06-10 H. Peter AnvinWhen erroring out on an DOS interrupt, print info
2008-06-10 H. Peter Anvinldlinux: search_dos_dir returns attributes in DL syslinux-3.70-pre15
2008-06-10 H. Peter AnvinAdd *.cp to .gitignore
2008-06-10 H. Peter AnvinAdd file missing from previous checkin
2008-06-09 H. Peter AnvinWhitespace cleanup
2008-06-09 H. Peter AnvinPXELINUX: Enable idle calls on select platforms
2008-06-09 H. Peter AnvinFAT: make all codepage data derived from the same place
2008-06-07 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: remove redundant clause
2008-06-07 H. Peter AnvinMEMDISK: algorithmic determination of floppy formats
2008-06-06 H. Peter AnvinMEMDISK: Use aligning memcpy/memset, compile with ... syslinux-3.70-pre14
2008-06-06 H. Peter AnvinAligning memcpy/memmove/mempcpy/memset for libcom32
2008-06-06 H. Peter Anvincore: do aligned transfers in bcopy32
2008-06-06 H. Peter AnvinFAT: Support VFAT long filenames origin/gpxe-added syslinux-3.70-pre13
2008-06-05 H. Peter Anvincore: fail the link if we push above the 64K point
2008-06-05 H. Peter Anvincodepage: add "make spotless" target
2008-06-05 H. Peter AnvinAdd support for creating codepage/Unicode mapping tables
2008-06-05 H. Peter Anvinpxelinux: remove RBFG section
2008-06-05 H. Peter Anvincore: actually enable debugging info
2008-06-05 H. Peter AnvinUpdate gPXE from gPXE git
2008-06-04 H. Peter Anvinpxelinux: add colon to label by itself
2008-05-30 H. Peter AnvinCentralize configurables; better "make install" etc
2008-05-29 H. Peter AnvinShut up gpxe Makefiles when making spotless
2008-05-29 H. Peter AnvinWe're explicitly setting EMBEDDED_IMAGE, so leave src...
2008-05-29 H. Peter AnvinDocument change of directory structure
2008-05-29 H. Peter Anvincore/Makefile: remove vestiges of subdirectory machinery
2008-05-29 H. Peter Anvinmbr: clean up *_bin.c files
2008-05-29 H. Peter AnvinThe only thing still in the root is version.{h,gen... syslinux-3.70-pre12
2008-05-29 H. Peter Anvinmkdir the prerel directory
2008-05-29 H. Peter AnvinStop using Cogito
2008-05-29 H. Peter AnvinMove files out of root into core, dos, and utils
2008-05-29 H. Peter AnvinFix localboot stack bug; cleanup section handling in... syslinux-3.70-pre11
2008-05-29 H. Peter AnvinAssemble via ELF, to enable future linking
2008-05-28 H. Peter Anvinpxenv: save away the PXE return code so COMBOOT can... syslinux-3.70-pre10
2008-05-28 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/master' into gpxe-added
2008-05-14 H. Peter AnvinDocument GPT boot protocol; add !GPT signature origin/3.6x
2008-05-14 H. Peter AnvinAdd NEWS for 3.64 syslinux-3.64-pre1
2008-05-14 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/gptmbr'
2008-05-12 Stefan BucurFixed the various Makefiles so that SYSLINUX compiles...
2008-04-24 Sergey Vlasovchain.c32: fix booting from logical partitions
2008-04-20 H. Peter AnvinNext version on this branch would be 3.64
2008-04-20 H. Peter file missing from previous checkin
2008-04-19 H. Peter AnvinSupport LOCALBOOT (ISOLINUX-style) in SYSLINUX/EXTLINUX
2008-04-18 Maciej W. Rozyckisyslinux 3.63: Use $(CC) for examining compiler options
2008-04-18 Maciej W. Rozyckisyslinux 3.63: Rename $GZIP to $GZIPPROG
2008-04-10 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'syslinux-3.63' into gpxe-added syslinux-3.70-pre9
2008-04-09 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: Add link to MSDN article on how to build a ramdis... syslinux-3.63
2008-04-09 H. Peter Anvinmovebits: rewrite significant chunks of the algorithm syslinux-3.63-pre5
2008-04-09 H. Peter Anvinzonelist.c: Fix the coalescing of identical ranges
2008-04-09 H. Peter Anvin3.63: update NEWS syslinux-3.63-pre4
2008-04-08 H. Peter Anvinmemdisk: allow up to 1024 e820 descriptors
2008-04-08 H. Peter Anvinsdi.c32: be a tad more verbose.
2008-04-08 H. Peter Anvinmovebits: use the memmap data structure for the freelist
2008-04-08 H. Peter Anvinmovebits: handle the case of an upward overlap move...
2008-04-07 H. Peter Anvinextlinux: Correct the directory block end condition syslinux-3.63-pre3
2008-04-01 H. Peter AnvinAdd gpxelinux.0 to NETINSTALLABLE
2008-03-31 H. Peter AnvinCOM32 module to load a Microsoft System Deployment...
2008-03-31 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/gpxe-added' into gpxe-added syslinux-3.70-pre8
2008-03-31 H. Peter AnvinMerge gpxe-for-syslinux
2008-03-31 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: Document integration of gPXE
2008-03-29 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/gpxe-support' into gpxe-added
2008-03-29 H. Peter AnvingPXE SAN boot module origin/gpxe-support
2008-03-29 H. Peter AnvinAdd stpcpy() and implement version/derivative queries
2008-03-26 H. Peter AnvinAdd gPXE into the source tree; build unified image syslinux-3.70-pre7
2008-03-26 H. Peter AnvinDocument gPXE extensions. syslinux-3.70-pre6
2008-03-26 H. Peter AnvinPXELINUX: When doing a gPXE FILE_READ, actually handle...
2008-03-26 H. Peter AnvinPXELINUX: add gPXE PXENV_FILE_API_CHECK call; clean...
2008-03-25 H. Peter Anvinpxelinux: don't rely on PXENV_GET_FILE_SIZE in gPXE...
2008-03-25 H. Peter AnvinPXELINUX: make the gPXE support actually work. We...
2008-03-24 H. Peter Anvinrunkernel: remove debugging code
2008-03-24 H. Peter Anvinpxelinux: fix merge issues
2008-03-24 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/nolen' into gpxe-support
2008-03-24 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/master' into nolen
2008-03-23 H. Peter AnvinAdd target to install into /tftpboot
2008-03-23 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/nolen' into gpxe-support
2008-03-21 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'syslinux-3.63-pre2' into nolen syslinux-3.70-pre5
2008-03-20 H. Peter Anvinpxelinux: allow class E addresses as unicast syslinux-3.63-pre2
2008-03-20 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'f9ac61d6178d4994cd646fd4b6c4bb891351624c'
2008-03-20 Sebastian HerbsztFixing wrong offsets in dmi
2008-03-20 ErwanPCI detection code doesn't corrupt memory anymore ...
2008-03-08 H. Peter AnvinRemove reference to readpit.c32, an experimental module
2008-03-06 H. Peter AnvinUse $(CC) in gcc_ok macro, not plain gcc
2008-03-04 H. Peter Anvinwin32/Makefile: clean hello.exe on "make tidy"
2008-03-04 H. Peter AnvinAdd stuff to "make dist" to clean up crap that shouldn...
2008-03-04 H. Peter AnvinClean up .*.d files for "make tidy" in libutil
2008-03-04 H. Peter AnvinClean up .*.d files for "make tidy" in libutil
2008-03-04 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/master' into nolen syslinux-3.70-pre4
2008-03-04 H. Peter AnvinThe next release on *this* branch would be 3.63 syslinux-3.63-pre1
2008-03-04 H. Peter AnvinPrevent inclusion of system include files when inapprop...
2008-03-04 H. Peter AnvinVESA: Simplify the lss16 decoder
2008-03-04 H. Peter AnvinDrop unnecessary CLD instructions.
2008-03-04 H. Peter AnvinVESA library: add support for reading lss16 images
2008-03-04 H. Peter AnvinMake description of the lss16 format match reality
2008-03-03 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/master' into nolen
2008-03-03 H. Peter Anvinsimple menu: break off execute() into its own source...