2007-12-18 H. Peter AnvinHigher confidence in the harmlessness of the ADV code syslinux-3.60-pre5
2007-12-18 H. Peter AnvinDocument the EXTLINUX ADV commands.
2007-12-14 H. Peter AnvinUpdate ADV documentation in comboot.doc
2007-12-14 H. Peter AnvinAdd missing libinstaller files syslinux-3.60-pre4
2007-12-14 H. Peter AnvinDocument ADV and its stuff
2007-12-14 H. Peter AnvinCall this version 3.60. The gPXE support work is waiti...
2007-12-14 H. Peter AnvinCreate libinstaller; actually implement boot-once for...
2007-12-13 H. Peter Anvinsyslinux_setadv(): handle size == 0, error on size...
2007-12-13 H. Peter AnvinLibrary routines for manipulating ADV data
2007-12-13 H. Peter AnvinDocumentation: ADV was definitely not in 3.53...
2007-12-13 H. Peter AnvinSnapshot: initialize the default ADV for disk-based...
2007-12-13 H. Peter AnvinUse the ADV to support boot-once
2007-12-13 H. Peter AnvinInitial support for auxilliary data vector
2007-12-13 H. Peter AnvinDeprecate PXELINUX option 208 in accordance with RFC... syslinux-3.55-pre1
2007-12-13 H. Peter Anvin3.54 is gone, now working on 3.55
2007-12-12 H. Peter AnvinBBS on Award, not Phoenix, is broken... don't know... syslinux-3.54
2007-12-12 H. Peter AnvinStealth whitespace cleanup
2007-12-11 H. Peter AnvinDocument cfarcall thunking support
2007-12-11 H. Peter Anvincdecl helper is 3.54 material
2007-12-10 H. Peter AnvinSeparate attribute control for disabled menu items syslinux-3.54-pre1
2007-12-10 H. Peter AnvinDocumentation update: NEWS, new MENU commands
2007-12-10 H. Peter AnvinFix handling of VESA modes with noncontiguous memory...
2007-11-21 H. Peter AnvinAdd "menu separator", "menu indent", "menu disabled"
2007-11-21 H. Peter Anvinspec: Require NASM 0.98.39
2007-11-21 Bernard LiPatch for syslinux.spec
2007-11-21 H. Peter AnvinWhen setting up the cfarcall stack frame, copy the...
2007-11-21 H. Peter AnvinAdd missing thunk function for cfarcall
2007-11-21 H. Peter AnvinNext version is presumably 3.54
2007-11-21 H. Peter AnvinAdd support for thunking cdecl/stdcall-style real-mode...
2007-11-20 H. Peter Anvinstruct term_state: remove duplicate .xy and unused...
2007-11-18 H. Peter Anvinmbr: remove *.bin on "spotless", not "clean" syslinux-3.53
2007-11-18 H. Peter AnvinDocument changes for 3.53
2007-11-18 H. Peter AnvinFix invalid segment assumption in pxelinux syslinux-3.53-pre6
2007-11-15 H. Peter AnvinPreserve ES:DI instead of probing for $PnP syslinux-3.53-pre5
2007-11-14 H. Peter Anvinmbr.S: fix loading from logical partitions
2007-11-14 H. Peter AnvinISOLINUX: Change DriveNo -> DriveNumber
2007-11-14 H. Peter AnvinFix boot sectors; cleanup_hardware must preserve registers syslinux-3.53-pre4
2007-11-14 H. Peter AnvinRemove unused variable BufSafeSec
2007-11-10 H. Peter AnvinAdd sha256crypt and sha512crypt; not yet enabled
2007-11-10 H. Peter AnvinIn 32-bit mode, "xor eax,eax" is shorter than "xor...
2007-11-08 H. Peter AnvinTypo cleanup
2007-11-07 H. Peter AnvinGuard section to avoid future partial-sector-clobber... syslinux-3.53-pre3
2007-11-07 H. Peter AnvinClean up the transition to PM for shuffle-and-boot...
2007-11-07 H. Peter Anvinisolinux: protect bss variables clobbered due to final...
2007-11-05 H. Peter AnvinSetting cr0 requires a jmp to synchronize on 386/486
2007-11-02 H. Peter AnvinUse "nop nop" to clobber "mov cs,ax" even though it...
2007-11-02 H. Peter AnvinOptional debugging code for shuffle and boot and load_linux syslinux-3.53-pre2
2007-11-02 H. Peter Anvincomboot: fix shuffle_and_boot_rm (used by linux.c32)
2007-11-02 H. Peter AnvinRemove unused EndOfGetcBuf
2007-11-02 H. Peter AnvinCode cleanup: get rid of hard-coded descriptor numbers
2007-11-01 H. Peter Anvinmkdiskimage: correct the partition type for > 1024...
2007-11-01 Gerald Brittonsyslinux $PnP search fix syslinux-3.53-pre1
2007-11-01 H. Peter AnvinTry to fix libfat/ulint.h for non-x86 platforms
2007-11-01 H. Peter Anvinmkdiskimage: support more than 1024 cylinders
2007-11-01 H. Peter AnvinDHCP bootfile option is 67, not 64.
2007-11-01 H. Peter AnvinFix [BI]ESUBDIRS for make installer/tidy/clean/spotless
2007-10-11 H. Peter AnvinAdd .gitignore file so "git status" makes sense
2007-10-11 H. Peter AnvinMark TSS unbusy before protected mode entry
2007-10-11 H. Peter AnvinSet TR and LDTR when entering protected mode
2007-10-10 H. Peter AnvinMakefiles: create NASMOPT variable
2007-10-03 H. Peter AnvinUpdate the memory layout specification
2007-10-02 H. Peter AnvinNext version is 3.53
2007-10-02 H. Peter Anvinelf.c: better error message when memory is unavailable
2007-10-02 H. Peter Anvinmemdump: remove debugging code never meant for release
2007-10-02 H. Peter make sure the $PnP header can fit inside...
2007-09-24 H. Peter AnvinFix building on a 64-bit system without a 32-bit system... syslinux-3.52 syslinux-3.52-pre10
2007-09-21 H. Peter Anvinlocalboot.c32: sample/test program for invoking syslinu...
2007-09-21 H. Peter Anvinmemdump: a debugging utility to dump memory over a...
2007-09-21 H. Peter AnvinDocument memory overwrite fix syslinux-3.52-pre9
2007-09-21 H. Peter Anvinmemdisk: add "nopass" option to completely take over...
2007-09-21 H. Peter Anvincomboot: fix memory overwrite bug
2007-09-20 H. Peter AnvinISOLINUX: save segment registers around INT 13h
2007-08-28 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: EDD now actually works in MEMDISK syslinux-3.52-pre8
2007-08-28 Duane VothMEMDISK: Fix register messup in EDD
2007-08-17 H. Peter AnvinClean up some of the new PCI code from Erwan Velu. syslinux-3.52-pre7
2007-08-17 Erwan VeluImproving PCI collected informations
2007-08-17 H. Peter AnvinUse git push instead of cg-push
2007-08-14 H. Peter AnvinAdd reboot.c32 module syslinux-3.52-pre6
2007-08-14 H. Peter Anvincom32: fix __farcall()
2007-08-12 H. Peter AnvinMore Etherboot pointers
2007-08-12 H. Peter AnvinDocument gPXE chaining to work around PXE stack problems
2007-08-06 H. Peter AnvinFix section confusion...
2007-08-06 H. Peter AnvinGive ourselves more room for code
2007-07-25 H. Peter AnvinHandle plural correctly in countdown.
2007-07-25 H. Peter AnvinInstall sha1pass, md5pass syslinux-3.52-pre5
2007-07-25 H. Peter AnvinAdd header file missing from previous checkin (md5.h)
2007-07-25 H. Peter AnvinAdd support for Unix-standard MD5 password
2007-07-25 H. Peter AnvinDocument MENU HIDDEN
2007-07-25 H. Peter AnvinCorrectly handle switches between graphics and text...
2007-07-25 H. Peter AnvinMake the hidden timeout behaviour match the rest of...
2007-07-25 H. Peter AnvinMove hidden_row to -2; don't re-timeout once a key...
2007-07-24 H. Peter AnvinSimple menu system: add support for "menu hidden"
2007-07-24 H. Peter AnvinDocument MEMDISK fixes.
2007-07-20 H. Peter AnvinAdd the actual zeroregs file; missing from a previous... syslinux-3.52-pre4
2007-07-20 H. Peter AnvinAdd syslinux_reboot()
2007-07-20 H. Peter Anvincom32: add a common zero-register structure
2007-07-12 H. Peter AnvinMBR: shave off another byte
2007-07-12 H. Peter AnvinMBR: shave off another byte
2007-07-12 H. Peter AnvinMBR: one more comment
2007-07-12 H. Peter AnvinMBR: shave another ~4 bytes through an ugly error messa...