chain.c32: finalize the NTLDR interface
[people/xl0/syslinux-lua.git] / com32 / modules / chain.c
2008-06-16 H. Peter Anvinchain.c32: finalize the NTLDR interface syslinux-3.70-pre18
2008-06-13 H. Peter Anvinchain.c32: don't swap drives when already primary syslinux-3.70-pre17
2008-06-13 H. Peter Anvinchain.c32: support swapping BIOS drive numbers
2008-06-13 H. Peter Anvinchain: use shuffle API; support loading a boot file
2008-05-28 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/master' into gpxe-added
2008-05-14 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/gptmbr'
2008-04-24 Sergey Vlasovchain.c32: fix booting from logical partitions
2008-01-10 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/adv' into gpxe-support
2008-01-10 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/master' into adv
2008-01-10 H. Peter AnvinUpdate copyright year
2007-06-22 H. Peter Anvinchain.c32: add support for searching for an MBR signatu...
2006-08-17 H. Peter AnvinRemove CVS-era $Id$ tags.
2006-03-17 H. Peter AnvinRemove stealth whitespace
2005-01-12 hpa3.07: Fix chainloading
2004-12-28 hpaFix using the resolver function from the API (with... syslinux-3.00-pre8
2004-12-14 hpaFix the spelling of "Boston"
2004-12-03 hpalibcom32-ize the chain loader; add LICENCE file