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2008-07-15 H. Peter Anvingen-id: only truncate tags starting with syslinux-...
2008-07-07 H. Peter AnvinMake optional, so cleaning commands work syslinux-3.71-pre6
2008-07-07 H. Peter AnvinShare the gen-id stuff between core and memdisk
2008-07-07 H. Peter AnvinCentralize more of the version number machinery
2008-07-03 H. Peter Anvinmemdisk: install a DPT if needed in INT 1Eh; better...
2008-07-03 H. Peter Anvinmemdisk/version.h: bump copyright year
2008-06-18 H. Peter AnvinTEST: issue a null command to the KBC as part of A20... syslinux-3.70-pre19
2008-06-10 H. Peter exit values; fix division by zero
2008-06-09 H. Peter AnvinWhitespace cleanup
2008-06-07 H. Peter AnvinMEMDISK: algorithmic determination of floppy formats
2008-06-06 H. Peter AnvinMEMDISK: Use aligning memcpy/memset, compile with ... syslinux-3.70-pre14
2008-05-29 H. Peter AnvinMove files out of root into core, dos, and utils
2008-05-28 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/master' into gpxe-added
2008-05-14 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/gptmbr'
2008-05-12 Stefan BucurFixed the various Makefiles so that SYSLINUX compiles...
2008-04-10 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'syslinux-3.63' into gpxe-added syslinux-3.70-pre9
2008-04-08 H. Peter Anvinmemdisk: allow up to 1024 e820 descriptors
2008-03-23 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/nolen' into gpxe-support
2008-03-21 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'syslinux-3.63-pre2' into nolen syslinux-3.70-pre5
2008-03-06 H. Peter AnvinUse $(CC) in gcc_ok macro, not plain gcc
2008-02-20 H. Peter AnvinWhitespace cleanup... syslinux-3.62-pre11
2008-01-16 H. Peter AnvinStandardize format for copyright lines and update
2008-01-10 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/adv' into gpxe-support
2008-01-10 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/master' into adv
2008-01-10 H. Peter AnvinUpdate copyright year
2007-12-27 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'syslinux-3.60-pre6' into gpxe-support
2007-12-18 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/master' into adv syslinux-3.60-pre6
2007-12-18 H. Peter AnvinMove doc files to doc/, and add man pages from Debian syslinux-3.55-pre2
2007-10-10 H. Peter AnvinMakefiles: create NASMOPT variable
2007-09-25 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'syslinux-3.52' into gpxe-support syslinux-3.60-pre2
2007-09-24 H. Peter AnvinFix building on a 64-bit system without a 32-bit system... syslinux-3.52 syslinux-3.52-pre10
2007-09-21 H. Peter Anvinmemdisk: add "nopass" option to completely take over...
2007-08-28 Duane VothMEMDISK: Fix register messup in EDD
2007-07-09 H. Peter AnvinMEMDISK: Try for better EDD compliance
2007-06-30 H. Peter AnvinForgot to add our own drive to the drive count! syslinux-3.52-pre3
2007-06-09 H. Peter AnvinShow list file addresses in absolute syslinux-3.50
2007-05-25 Luciano RochaDon't clobber /dev/null when compiling as root
2007-03-15 H. Peter AnvinStealth whitespace cleanup (automated)
2007-02-10 H. Peter AnvinMerge ... git+ssh:///boot/syslinux/syslinux.git#syslinu... syslinux-3.40-pre5
2007-02-07 H. Peter AnvinMerge ... git+ssh:///boot/syslinux/syslinux.git#syslinu...
2007-02-07 H. Peter AnvinDeal with various distributions breaking gcc in weird...
2007-02-01 H. Peter AnvinMerge ... git+ssh:///boot/syslinux/syslinux.git#syslinu...
2007-01-31 H. Peter AnvinMerge ... git+ssh:///boot/syslinux/syslinux.git#syslinu...
2007-01-31 H. Peter AnvinMEMDISK: add alias "cbios" == "noebios" == "noedd"
2007-01-31 H. Peter AnvinMEMDISK: ebios/noebios as synonyms to edd/noedd
2007-01-31 H. Peter AnvinMEMDISK: Default to floppy = EDD off, hard disk = EDD...
2007-01-29 H. Peter AnvinMerge with syslinux-3.35 syslinux-3.40-pre4
2007-01-29 H. Peter AnvinFix the Makefile to handle overridden CC
2007-01-29 H. Peter AnvinRemove -m32 from the CC variable globally.
2007-01-27 H. Peter AnvinUpdate copyright dates to 2007
2006-11-22 H. Peter AnvinMerge with syslinux-3.32-pre7 syslinux-3.40-pre3
2006-11-22 H. Peter AnvinMerge ... git+ssh:///boot/syslinux/syslinux.git#syslinu... syslinux-3.32-pre7
2006-11-22 H. Peter AnvinResolve issue with push/pop ordering in raw mode.
2006-11-14 H. Peter Anvinmemdisk: Update copyright date
2006-10-30 H. Peter Anvinmemdisk: Constrain input drive numbers both by equipmen... syslinux-3.32-pre4
2006-10-24 H. Peter Anvinmemdisk: $PnP Installation Check structure length is...
2006-10-20 H. Peter Anvin[memdisk] Enable EDD support by default. syslinux-3.32-pre3
2006-10-17 H. Peter AnvinRemove -x c from assembly preprocessing
2006-10-17 H. Peter AnvinRemove -traditional
2006-10-17 H. Peter AnvinMerge ... git+ssh:///boot/syslinux/syslinux.git#syslinu...
2006-10-17 H. Peter Anvin[memdisk] Saner handling of the values returned to...
2006-10-17 H. Peter Anvin[memdisk] Make ES:DI point to the $PnP structure on...
2006-10-03 H. Peter AnvinMerge with 3.3x branch
2006-09-28 H. Peter AnvinAdd "safeint" mode to memdisk
2006-08-17 H. Peter AnvinMerge ... git+ssh:///boot/syslinux/syslinux.git
2006-08-17 H. Peter AnvinRemove more CVS-era $Id$ tags.
2006-08-17 H. Peter AnvinRemove CVS-era $Id$ tags.
2006-05-04 H. Peter AnvinAcross-the-board stealth whitespace cleanup
2005-09-25 hpaClean up the EDD code further
2005-09-25 hpaThe EDD stuff doesn't work yet.
2005-09-20 hpaEDD code, not enabled by default
2005-09-14 hpaBe a bit less pseudo-codeish
2005-08-29 hpaWorkaround for the no physical floppy scenario
2005-08-26 hpaQuery a more sane drive number. syslinux-3.11-pre5
2005-08-26 hpaDisplay the correct type of disk. syslinux-3.11-pre4
2005-08-25 hpaFix bug w.r.t. floppy count.
2005-08-23 hpa* -ffreestanding syslinux-3.10-pre21
2005-08-21 hpaFix handling of images with DOSEMU headers. syslinux-3.10-pre17
2005-08-03 hpaNew version number; gcc 4.0.1 fix
2005-04-29 hpaDon't clobber live registers, it's not nice syslinux-3.08-pre10
2005-04-29 hpaUse the correct register
2005-04-29 hpaAdd new "bigraw" mode to memdisk.
2005-03-08 hpaActually use memcmp() for the DOSEMU comparison; we...
2005-01-06 hpaCommit 3.10 changes to mainline. In particular, suppor...
2005-01-03 hpaIt's 2005, that should be the copyright year
2004-12-29 hpaRemove __attribute__((packed)) which seems to cause...
2004-12-29 hpaAdd boot loader ID to the memdisk info structure
2004-12-29 hpaClean up using an alternate NASM
2004-12-20 hpaFix regparm in libcom32; make extlinux actually work...
2004-12-14 hpaUpdate copyright headers.
2004-12-14 hpaFix the spelling of "Boston"
2004-12-14 hpaFix MEMDISK command-line parsing; add "raw" memory...
2004-12-10 hpaSupport making the disk readonly
2004-12-08 hpaFix list of sources
2004-12-08 hpaMake sure DATE and HEXDATE is exported to submakefiles
2004-12-08 hpaMove all 16-bit code into one assembly file so we don...
2004-07-06 hpaUse proper syntax for x86
2004-07-06 hpaAdd instructions for how to disable MEMDISK
2004-04-27 hpaDocument that we now handle zip as well as gzip
2004-04-27 hpaHandle memdisk images compressed with zip as well as...