Document SERIAL fix
[people/xl0/syslinux-lua.git] / gpxe /
2008-06-30 H. Peter AnvingPXE: Missing files from gPXE sync syslinux-3.70 syslinux-3.70-pre30
2008-06-30 H. Peter AnvingPXE: update gPXE to get rid of gpxe/src/Config
2008-06-28 H. Peter Anvingpxe/Makefile: don't remove gpxelinux.0 for "make dist"
2008-06-28 H. Peter AnvinFix "make clean", "make installer"
2008-06-27 H. Peter AnvinUpdate gPXE to current git syslinux-3.70-pre28
2008-06-27 H. Peter Anvingpxe: Separate rules for undionly.kpxe and gpxelinux.0
2008-06-27 H. Peter AnvingPXE: [a20] Send a null command to the KBC after changi... syslinux-3.70-pre27
2008-06-13 H. Peter Anvingpxe: update gpxe to latest git
2008-06-05 H. Peter AnvinUpdate gPXE from gPXE git
2008-05-29 H. Peter AnvinShut up gpxe Makefiles when making spotless
2008-05-29 H. Peter AnvinWe're explicitly setting EMBEDDED_IMAGE, so leave src...
2008-05-29 H. Peter AnvinMove files out of root into core, dos, and utils
2008-05-28 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/master' into gpxe-added
2008-04-10 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'syslinux-3.63' into gpxe-added syslinux-3.70-pre9
2008-03-31 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/gpxe-added' into gpxe-added syslinux-3.70-pre8
2008-03-31 H. Peter AnvinMerge gpxe-for-syslinux
2008-03-29 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/gpxe-support' into gpxe-added
2008-03-26 H. Peter AnvinAdd gPXE into the source tree; build unified image syslinux-3.70-pre7