Document SERIAL fix
[people/xl0/syslinux-lua.git] / NEWS
2008-07-17 H. Peter AnvinDocument SERIAL fix master origin/HEAD origin/master
2008-07-16 H. Peter Anvinifcpu64.c32: simple module to choose a 32, 32pae, or...
2008-07-16 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: document ADV CBIOS fix. syslinux-3.71-pre12
2008-07-14 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: KEYMAP -> KBDMAP
2008-07-13 H. Peter AnvinDocument unbreaking of KEYMAP syslinux-3.71-pre8
2008-07-11 H. Peter Anvinchain.c32: new "hide" option
2008-07-09 H. Peter AnvinDocument fix for RootDir
2008-07-04 H. Peter AnvinAllow the initrd to be specified on a separate line syslinux-3.71-pre4
2008-07-03 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: handle being the only floppy better.
2008-07-03 H. Peter Anvinextlinux: fix handling of /etc/mtab syslinux-3.71-pre3
2008-07-03 H. Peter AnvinSimple menu: really avoid disabled entries syslinux-3.71-pre2
2008-07-01 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: There never was a 3.64
2008-06-30 H. Peter Anvinchain.c32: allow "boot" as a drive specification
2008-06-27 H. Peter Anvincomboot.doc -> comboot.txt syslinux-3.70-pre25
2008-06-24 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: document newline fix.
2008-06-24 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: document complex menu system fix syslinux-3.70-pre23
2008-06-20 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: Document A20 change syslinux-3.70-pre20
2008-06-20 H. Peter Anvinchain.c32: use a more Linux-kernel-like syntax
2008-06-16 H. Peter Anvinchain.c32: finalize the NTLDR interface syslinux-3.70-pre18
2008-06-13 H. Peter AnvinMake it explicit that Windows need -swap, even XP :(
2008-06-13 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: Document new chain.c32 features.
2008-06-12 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: update the blurb about the new MEMDISK geometry...
2008-06-07 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: remove redundant clause
2008-06-07 H. Peter AnvinMEMDISK: algorithmic determination of floppy formats
2008-06-06 H. Peter AnvinFAT: Support VFAT long filenames origin/gpxe-added syslinux-3.70-pre13
2008-05-30 H. Peter AnvinCentralize configurables; better "make install" etc
2008-05-29 H. Peter AnvinDocument change of directory structure
2008-05-28 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/master' into gpxe-added
2008-05-14 H. Peter AnvinAdd NEWS for 3.64 syslinux-3.64-pre1
2008-05-14 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/gptmbr'
2008-04-19 H. Peter AnvinSupport LOCALBOOT (ISOLINUX-style) in SYSLINUX/EXTLINUX
2008-04-10 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'syslinux-3.63' into gpxe-added syslinux-3.70-pre9
2008-04-09 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: Add link to MSDN article on how to build a ramdis... syslinux-3.63
2008-04-09 H. Peter Anvin3.63: update NEWS syslinux-3.63-pre4
2008-03-31 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/gpxe-added' into gpxe-added syslinux-3.70-pre8
2008-03-31 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: Document integration of gPXE
2008-03-26 H. Peter AnvinDocument gPXE extensions. syslinux-3.70-pre6
2008-03-24 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/nolen' into gpxe-support
2008-03-24 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/master' into nolen
2008-03-23 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/nolen' into gpxe-support
2008-03-21 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'syslinux-3.63-pre2' into nolen syslinux-3.70-pre5
2008-03-04 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/master' into nolen syslinux-3.70-pre4
2008-03-03 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/master' into nolen
2008-03-02 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/master' into nolen
2008-02-29 H. Peter AnvinDocument the file renaming from .doc -> .txt
2008-02-27 H. Peter AnvinDocument the nolen changes.
2008-02-26 H. Peter AnvinRemove pngtopnm dependency from the samples/ directory
2008-02-22 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: Document Bruce Robson's Adaptec bug fix
2008-02-20 H. Peter AnvinDocument hierarchial menus so far...
2008-02-16 H. Peter AnvinGet rid of 4096-entry limit in the simple menu system syslinux-3.62-pre8
2008-02-16 H. Peter AnvinPut virtual kernels (CLI labels) in high memory syslinux-3.62-pre7
2008-02-14 H. Peter AnvinDocument support for nonlinear frame buffers. syslinux-3.62-pre4
2008-02-12 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: document longer command line limit. syslinux-3.62-pre2
2008-02-12 H. Peter AnvinDocument changes syslinux-3.62-pre1
2008-02-01 H. Peter AnvinDocument e820 parser change. syslinux-3.61 syslinux-3.61-pre7
2008-01-29 H. Peter AnvinDocument fixing MD5 passwords. syslinux-3.61-pre6
2008-01-17 H. Peter AnvinISOLINUX: fix booting when mastered with non-mkisofs... syslinux-3.61-pre2
2008-01-16 H. Peter AnvinEXTLINUX: correct bug when accessing an empty file...
2008-01-11 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'syslinux-3.60' into gpxe-support
2008-01-11 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'syslinux-3.55' into adv syslinux-3.60
2008-01-10 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/adv' into gpxe-support
2008-01-10 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/master' into adv
2008-01-10 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/master' into adv
2008-01-05 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'syslinux-3.55-pre4' into adv syslinux-3.60-pre7
2008-01-04 H. Peter AnvinFix incorrect handling of overlapping memory areas... syslinux-3.55-pre3
2007-12-27 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'syslinux-3.60-pre6' into gpxe-support
2007-12-18 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/master' into adv syslinux-3.60-pre6
2007-12-18 H. Peter AnvinMove doc files to doc/, and add man pages from Debian syslinux-3.55-pre2
2007-12-14 H. Peter AnvinDocument ADV and its stuff
2007-12-13 H. Peter AnvinDeprecate PXELINUX option 208 in accordance with RFC... syslinux-3.55-pre1
2007-12-12 H. Peter AnvinBBS on Award, not Phoenix, is broken... don't know... syslinux-3.54
2007-12-11 H. Peter AnvinDocument cfarcall thunking support
2007-12-10 H. Peter AnvinDocumentation update: NEWS, new MENU commands
2007-11-18 H. Peter AnvinDocument changes for 3.53
2007-09-25 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'syslinux-3.52' into gpxe-support syslinux-3.60-pre2
2007-09-24 H. Peter AnvinFix building on a 64-bit system without a 32-bit system... syslinux-3.52 syslinux-3.52-pre10
2007-09-21 H. Peter AnvinDocument memory overwrite fix syslinux-3.52-pre9
2007-09-20 H. Peter AnvinISOLINUX: save segment registers around INT 13h
2007-08-28 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: EDD now actually works in MEMDISK syslinux-3.52-pre8
2007-08-17 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'syslinux-3.52-pre7' into gpxe-support
2007-08-17 H. Peter AnvinClean up some of the new PCI code from Erwan Velu. syslinux-3.52-pre7
2007-08-17 H. Peter AnvinDocument gPXE integration, for now syslinux-3.60-pre1
2007-07-25 H. Peter AnvinAdd support for Unix-standard MD5 password
2007-07-25 H. Peter AnvinDocument MENU HIDDEN
2007-07-24 H. Peter AnvinDocument MEMDISK fixes.
2007-07-07 H. Peter AnvinDocument giving the disk a signature.
2007-06-29 H. Peter AnvinPXELINUX: if siaddr isn't set, fall back to server... syslinux-3.52-pre2
2007-06-22 H. Peter Anvinchain.c32: add support for searching for an MBR signatu...
2007-06-21 H. Peter AnvinDocument changes since 3.51
2007-06-10 H. Peter AnvinBegin version 3.51 syslinux-3.51 syslinux-3.51-pre1
2007-06-09 H. Peter AnvinAdd missing documentation of RAID mode.
2007-06-08 H. Peter AnvinGenerate config file name based on the UUID
2007-06-01 H. Peter AnvinDocument F-key help in the simple menu system syslinux-3.50-pre16
2007-05-31 H. Peter AnvinDocument that we disabled polling for ARP.
2007-05-31 H. Peter AnvinAllow binding help text to F11 and F12.
2007-05-23 H. Peter AnvinDocument INCLUDE
2007-05-12 H. Peter AnvinPXELINUX: Use the client-identifier instead when DHCP... syslinux-3.50-pre10
2007-05-10 H. Peter AnvinPXELINUX: Add <Ctrl-N> to print the network information syslinux-3.50-pre8
2007-05-10 H. Peter AnvinDocument update of Linux boot protocol.
2007-04-10 H. Peter AnvinDocument recent additions. syslinux-3.50-pre5