Merge commit 'origin/master' into adv
[people/xl0/syslinux-lua.git] / NEWS
2007-12-18 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/master' into adv syslinux-3.60-pre6
2007-12-18 H. Peter AnvinMove doc files to doc/, and add man pages from Debian syslinux-3.55-pre2
2007-12-14 H. Peter AnvinDocument ADV and its stuff
2007-12-13 H. Peter AnvinDeprecate PXELINUX option 208 in accordance with RFC... syslinux-3.55-pre1
2007-12-12 H. Peter AnvinBBS on Award, not Phoenix, is broken... don't know... syslinux-3.54
2007-12-11 H. Peter AnvinDocument cfarcall thunking support
2007-12-10 H. Peter AnvinDocumentation update: NEWS, new MENU commands
2007-11-18 H. Peter AnvinDocument changes for 3.53
2007-09-24 H. Peter AnvinFix building on a 64-bit system without a 32-bit system... syslinux-3.52 syslinux-3.52-pre10
2007-09-21 H. Peter AnvinDocument memory overwrite fix syslinux-3.52-pre9
2007-09-20 H. Peter AnvinISOLINUX: save segment registers around INT 13h
2007-08-28 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: EDD now actually works in MEMDISK syslinux-3.52-pre8
2007-08-17 H. Peter AnvinClean up some of the new PCI code from Erwan Velu. syslinux-3.52-pre7
2007-07-25 H. Peter AnvinAdd support for Unix-standard MD5 password
2007-07-25 H. Peter AnvinDocument MENU HIDDEN
2007-07-24 H. Peter AnvinDocument MEMDISK fixes.
2007-07-07 H. Peter AnvinDocument giving the disk a signature.
2007-06-29 H. Peter AnvinPXELINUX: if siaddr isn't set, fall back to server... syslinux-3.52-pre2
2007-06-22 H. Peter Anvinchain.c32: add support for searching for an MBR signatu...
2007-06-21 H. Peter AnvinDocument changes since 3.51
2007-06-10 H. Peter AnvinBegin version 3.51 syslinux-3.51 syslinux-3.51-pre1
2007-06-09 H. Peter AnvinAdd missing documentation of RAID mode.
2007-06-08 H. Peter AnvinGenerate config file name based on the UUID
2007-06-01 H. Peter AnvinDocument F-key help in the simple menu system syslinux-3.50-pre16
2007-05-31 H. Peter AnvinDocument that we disabled polling for ARP.
2007-05-31 H. Peter AnvinAllow binding help text to F11 and F12.
2007-05-23 H. Peter AnvinDocument INCLUDE
2007-05-12 H. Peter AnvinPXELINUX: Use the client-identifier instead when DHCP... syslinux-3.50-pre10
2007-05-10 H. Peter AnvinPXELINUX: Add <Ctrl-N> to print the network information syslinux-3.50-pre8
2007-05-10 H. Peter AnvinDocument update of Linux boot protocol.
2007-04-10 H. Peter AnvinDocument recent additions. syslinux-3.50-pre5
2007-03-20 H. Peter AnvinRename the new version 3.50 instead of 3.40; too many...
2007-03-15 H. Peter AnvinAdd a register-setting shuffle and boot for real mode... syslinux-3.40-pre14
2007-03-15 H. Peter AnvinFinish the shuffle and boot interface, and add an ELF...
2007-03-06 H. Peter AnvinTEXT HELP: Multiline per-entry help messages in the... syslinux-3.40-pre10
2007-02-28 H. Peter AnvinSupport customization of menu messages.
2007-02-20 H. Peter AnvinAssume 3.40 will be the first version which fixes Read... syslinux-3.40-pre6
2007-02-20 H. Peter AnvinMerge with syslinux-3.3x
2007-02-10 H. Peter AnvinMerge ... git+ssh:///boot/syslinux/syslinux.git#syslinu... syslinux-3.40-pre5
2007-02-08 H. Peter AnvinMerge ... git+ssh:///boot/syslinux/syslinux.git#syslinu... syslinux-3.36-pre7
2007-02-08 H. Peter AnvinPXELINUX: ES:BX -> PXENV+, so we can't have ES:DI ...
2007-02-07 H. Peter AnvinMerge ... git+ssh:///boot/syslinux/syslinux.git#syslinu...
2007-02-06 H. Peter AnvinSYSLINUX: Fix extension-detection for syslinux.
2007-02-05 H. Peter AnvinDocument new MBR. syslinux-3.36-pre4
2007-02-01 H. Peter AnvinMerge ... git+ssh:///boot/syslinux/syslinux.git#syslinu... syslinux-3.36-pre2
2007-02-01 H. Peter AnvinDocument that Ghost should now work.
2007-02-01 H. Peter AnvinDocument change in strategy for the "unix" installer.
2007-02-01 H. Peter AnvinMerge ... git+ssh:///boot/syslinux/syslinux.git#syslinu...
2007-01-31 H. Peter AnvinMerge ... git+ssh:///boot/syslinux/syslinux.git#syslinu...
2007-01-31 H. Peter AnvinNew version 3.36: document changes so far
2007-01-29 H. Peter AnvinMerge with syslinux-3.35 syslinux-3.40-pre4
2007-01-26 H. Peter AnvinAcknowledge syslinux-3.35-pre5
2007-01-26 H. Peter AnvinInvoke ONERROR if we hit abort_load (and ONERROR is...
2007-01-24 H. Peter AnvinNew API call: read disk.
2007-01-24 H. Peter AnvinCall this version 3.35 instead of 3.32 syslinux-3.35-pre1
2007-01-24 H. Peter AnvinUpdate documentation to indicate FAT subdirectory support.
2007-01-04 H. Peter AnvinMerge with 3.3x branch
2006-11-22 H. Peter AnvinMerge with syslinux-3.32-pre7 syslinux-3.40-pre3
2006-10-30 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: Document recent changes syslinux-3.32-pre5
2006-10-20 H. Peter Anvin[memdisk] Enable EDD support by default. syslinux-3.32-pre3
2006-10-17 H. Peter AnvinDocument memdisk changes
2006-10-17 H. Peter AnvinMerge ... git+ssh:///boot/syslinux/syslinux.git#syslinu...
2006-10-03 H. Peter AnvinMerge with 3.3x branch
2006-09-28 H. Peter AnvinDocument new safeint mode. syslinux-3.32-pre1
2006-09-23 H. Peter AnvinAdd support for forcing the filetype, and loading a...
2006-09-22 H. Peter AnvinNew MENU INCLUDE directive, and support ~ to mark defau... syslinux-3.31-pre3
2006-09-21 H. Peter AnvinDocument shadowing mode change.
2006-09-20 H. Peter AnvinDocument ability to load more than one configuration... syslinux-3.31-pre1
2006-09-18 H. Peter AnvinFactor out extlinux as a separate package, avoid /boot... syslinux-3.30
2006-09-18 H. Peter AnvinCorrect syntax and document move to /usr/share.
2006-09-13 H. Peter AnvinDocument new selection programs.
2006-09-13 H. Peter AnvinMerge with 3.2x branch
2006-09-06 H. Peter AnvinDocument graphical console
2006-08-25 H. Peter AnvinWe actually need klibc-1.4.27 or later... syslinux-3.20
2006-08-25 H. Peter AnvinWe need klibc-1.4.26 for getopt_long() to actually...
2006-08-25 H. Peter AnvinSupport building extlinux with klibc
2006-08-22 H. Peter AnvinMerge ... git+ssh:///boot/syslinux/syslinux.git syslinux-3.20-pre17
2006-08-18 H. Peter AnvinDocument CD boot sector fix. syslinux-3.20-pre16
2006-08-17 H. Peter AnvinDocument stack overflow issue.
2006-08-17 H. Peter AnvinCOM32 module from Erwan Velu to automate loading based...
2006-07-14 H. Peter AnvinDocument PXELINUX timeout fix syslinux-3.20-pre10
2006-05-04 H. Peter AnvinDocument changes. syslinux-3.20-pre8
2006-05-04 H. Peter AnvinAcross-the-board stealth whitespace cleanup
2006-03-17 H. Peter AnvinDocument fixes to mboot.c32 syslinux-3.20-pre7
2005-09-25 hpa3.20, not 3.12 syslinux-3.20-pre1
2005-08-31 hpaDocument "ontimeout" working in SMS
2005-08-30 hpaDocument new timeout behaviour
2005-08-30 hpaNew "totaltimeout" option; change the menu behaviour...
2005-08-29 hpaEnable the 16550A FIFO when doing serial console syslinux-3.11-pre9
2005-08-29 hpaWorkaround for the no physical floppy scenario
2005-08-28 hpaRevert USE_PXE_PROVIDED_STACK change.
2005-08-28 hpaDocument menu system updates
2005-08-26 hpaDocument menu change syslinux-3.11-pre2
2005-08-25 hpaDocument changes syslinux-3.11-pre1
2005-08-25 hpaNext version: 3.11
2005-08-23 hpaDocument MEMDISK changes
2005-08-22 hpaDocument N/P change
2005-08-22 hpaSymlink support for EXTLINUX
2005-08-21 hpaFix handling of images with DOSEMU headers. syslinux-3.10-pre17
2005-08-21 hpaDocument changes