PXELINUX: make TFTP work without tsize
[people/xl0/syslinux-lua.git] / pxelinux.asm
2008-02-27 H. Peter AnvinPXELINUX: make TFTP work without tsize
2008-02-27 H. Peter AnvinRevamp runkernel.inc for "lengthless" operation
2008-02-26 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/nodxax' into nolen
2008-02-23 H. Peter Anvinpxelinux: fix inadvertent breakage of TFTP
2008-02-23 H. Peter AnvinFinally get rid of the old DX:AX for file length 16...
2008-02-22 H. Peter AnvinPXELINUX: no longer require a tsize option
2008-02-16 H. Peter AnvinPut virtual kernels (CLI labels) in high memory syslinux-3.62-pre7
2008-02-13 H. Peter AnvinCorrect comment specific to SYSLINUX in the other deriv...
2008-02-12 H. Peter AnvinSwitch the display file and graphics routines to using...
2008-02-12 H. Peter AnvinChange command line limit to 2047 characters
2008-02-12 H. Peter AnvinRemove last users of getcbuf; reclaim the address space
2008-01-16 H. Peter AnvinStandardize format for copyright lines and update
2008-01-11 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'syslinux-3.55' into adv syslinux-3.60
2008-01-10 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/master' into adv
2008-01-10 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/master' into adv
2008-01-05 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'syslinux-3.55-pre4' into adv syslinux-3.60-pre7
2007-12-18 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/master' into adv syslinux-3.60-pre6
2007-12-13 H. Peter AnvinInitial support for auxilliary data vector
2007-12-13 H. Peter AnvinDeprecate PXELINUX option 208 in accordance with RFC... syslinux-3.55-pre1
2007-11-18 H. Peter AnvinFix invalid segment assumption in pxelinux syslinux-3.53-pre6
2007-11-14 H. Peter AnvinRemove unused variable BufSafeSec
2007-11-02 H. Peter AnvinRemove unused EndOfGetcBuf
2007-11-01 H. Peter AnvinDHCP bootfile option is 67, not 64.
2007-10-03 H. Peter AnvinUpdate the memory layout specification
2007-06-29 H. Peter AnvinPXELINUX: if siaddr isn't set, fall back to server... syslinux-3.52-pre2
2007-06-21 H. Peter AnvinMove most messages into the appropriate .inc files
2007-06-21 H. Peter AnvinWorkaround for VMware console bug; make more common...
2007-06-08 H. Peter AnvinUse strcpy to copy MACStr syslinux-3.50-pre23
2007-06-08 H. Peter AnvinCapture the UUID from packet 1 (request) syslinux-3.50-pre22
2007-06-08 H. Peter AnvinLower case seems to be more common for UUID
2007-06-08 H. Peter AnvinGenerate config file name based on the UUID
2007-06-08 H. Peter AnvinSanitize handling of client identifier option
2007-05-31 H. Peter AnvinDisable polling for ARP during idle.
2007-05-31 H. Peter Anvinpxelinux: Save/set up/restore ES around init.inc
2007-05-31 H. Peter AnvinAllow binding help text to F11 and F12.
2007-05-23 H. Peter AnvinDrop TFTP_MTU to 1440.
2007-05-23 H. Peter AnvinMake it safe to call close_file on an already closed... syslinux-3.50-pre15
2007-05-23 H. Peter AnvinUse a segment layout more similar to the other derivatives
2007-05-23 H. Peter AnvinAdd a proper internal close function (close_file)
2007-05-12 H. Peter AnvinPXELINUX: Use the client-identifier instead when DHCP... syslinux-3.50-pre10
2007-03-15 H. Peter AnvinStealth whitespace cleanup (automated)
2007-02-20 H. Peter AnvinMake sure we can read the config file name even after... syslinux-3.40-pre7
2007-02-20 H. Peter AnvinMerge with syslinux-3.3x
2007-02-10 H. Peter AnvinMerge ... git+ssh:///boot/syslinux/syslinux.git#syslinu... syslinux-3.40-pre5
2007-01-29 H. Peter AnvinMerge with syslinux-3.35 syslinux-3.40-pre4
2007-01-04 H. Peter AnvinMerge with 3.3x branch
2006-11-22 H. Peter AnvinMerge with syslinux-3.32-pre7 syslinux-3.40-pre3
2006-10-03 H. Peter AnvinMerge with 3.3x branch
2006-09-23 H. Peter AnvinAdd support for forcing the filetype, and loading a...
2006-08-22 H. Peter AnvinPXELINUX: Print an error message if the config file... syslinux-3.20-pre19
2006-08-22 H. Peter AnvinIn kaboom, use standard macro for resetting the stack...
2006-08-17 H. Peter AnvinWhen exiting a COMBOOT/COM32 module, reset the stack...
2006-07-14 Curtis DotyPXELINUX: Fail if we couldn't get the config file
2006-05-04 H. Peter AnvinAcross-the-board stealth whitespace cleanup
2005-08-28 hpaRevert USE_PXE_PROVIDED_STACK change.
2005-08-22 hpaRegister-handling cleanups for searchdir.
2005-08-21 hpaClean up(?) the local boot issues?
2005-08-20 hpaFix dependency generation. syslinux-3.10-pre14
2005-08-20 hpaReorganize memory so we don't have to relocate pxelinux...
2005-08-19 hpaEnable stack-switching mode syslinux-3.10-pre13
2005-08-19 hpaFix stack-switching mode (USE_PXE_PROVIDED_STACK == 0)
2005-08-19 hpaSaner idle call semantics
2005-08-18 hpaIf onerror is set, invoke onerror on escape
2005-01-20 hpaImproved handling of ARP wait; add idle function. syslinux-3.08-pre3
2005-01-12 hpa3.07: Fix chainloading
2004-12-28 hpaAdd support for non-FQDN hostnames.
2004-12-28 hpaFix pxelinux relocation; work around infinite loop...
2004-12-27 hpaSave list of DNS servers; do DNS lookup for hostnames
2004-12-27 hpaMore work on using sections for memory alignment. ...
2004-12-27 hpaReorganize memory slightly; split .bss into .bss and...
2004-12-22 hpaDetect null filenames correctly (problems in both pxeli... syslinux-3.00-pre2
2004-12-22 hpaSupport alternate TFTP servers via filename syntax. syslinux-3.00-pre1
2004-12-21 hpaAdd an API function to get the IPAPPEND strings.
2004-12-19 hpaFix some additional common code issues; fix dangling...
2004-12-19 hpaMore common code cleanup; actually use the code to...
2004-12-17 hpaFix the use of MAC handling in pxelinux; fix copy_over_self syslinux-2.20-pre4
2004-12-17 hpaActually use sections, and move common variables into... syslinux-2.20-pre3
2004-12-17 hpaMove the .bss to a separate section so we can at least...
2004-12-16 hpaMore cleanups; try to get rid of the now-obsolete defin...
2004-12-16 hpaReorganize memory map to make use of 0x3000..0x5000...
2004-12-14 hpaUpdate copyright headers.
2004-08-04 hpaMove ASCII macros to macros.inc syslinux-2.11-pre2
2004-08-04 hpaClean up memory management and command-line creation
2004-07-26 hpaMove raw console access and strcpy() into their own...
2004-06-18 hpaAdd an API call to query the configuration file name
2004-05-29 hpa- Add "allowoptions" command
2004-04-23 hpaBetter E820 memory parser syslinux-2.09-pre15
2004-01-29 hpaHandle video pages correctly. syslinux-2.09-pre1
2003-12-08 hpaMore shuffling to avoid RBFG bug now when we know the...
2003-12-05 hpa- Avoid a memory location overwritten by RBFG. syslinux-2.08-pre8
2003-12-04 hpaRate-limit ARP calls to avoid screwing over people... syslinux-2.08-pre7
2003-11-27 hpaAdd "onerror" configuration directive syslinux-2.08-pre6
2003-11-26 hpaAdd a bootstrap chainloading API, and include a sample... syslinux-2.08-pre5
2003-11-26 hpaClean up generating dotted-quad addresses
2003-11-26 hpaRename timeoutcmd -> ontimeout
2003-11-25 hpa- Handle ARP requests while idle in pxelinux syslinux-2.08-pre3
2003-11-24 hpaFix COMBOOT/COM32 command-line generation. syslinux-2.08-pre1
2003-11-24 hpaAdd timeoutcmd command
2003-11-22 hpaFix invalid double-use of the edx register in parse_dhc... syslinux-2.07-pre10
2003-11-21 hpaRecognize pxelinux options in a vendor-option-space... syslinux-2.07-pre9