PCI detection code doesn't corrupt memory anymore (2nd try)
[people/xl0/syslinux-lua.git] / com32 / include / sys / pci.h
2008-03-20 ErwanPCI detection code doesn't corrupt memory anymore ...
2007-08-17 Erwan VeluImproving PCI collected informations
2007-04-01 H. Peter AnvinRemove useless attempt at reading pci.ids
2007-03-15 H. Peter AnvinStealth whitespace cleanup (automated)
2007-03-07 Erwan VeluEthersel must use the pci com32 module instead of built...
2006-09-13 H. Peter AnvinMerge with 3.2x branch
2006-09-13 Erwan VeluIntroducing a new com32 module to parse pci devices... origin/syslinux-3.2x
2005-08-09 hpaOut-of-line __intcall and __farcall; better detection...
2005-08-03 hpaAdd PCI_CFG_BIOS
2005-01-05 hpaSupport PCI configuration space mechanism #2 if necessary.
2005-01-04 hpaFix PCI access functions
2004-11-10 hpaVery first cut at a klibc-derived C library for com32