2005-05-27 Michael BrownDocumented remainder of PXE TFTP API calls.
2005-05-27 Michael BrownDocumented the purpose of the two timeout fields in
2005-05-27 Michael BrownAdded diatribe about the mismatch between the PXE spec...
2005-05-27 Michael BrownRefer to implementation note on IP routing.
2005-05-27 Michael BrownAdded implementation note on IP routing.
2005-05-26 Michael BrownThoughts on how to coerce the PXE TFTP API into somethi...
2005-05-24 Michael BrownSeparate out the documentation of the PXE API from...
2005-05-24 Michael BrownRemove the annoying #include lines
2005-05-24 Michael BrownSome versions of doxygen seem to object to "@ret None...
2005-05-23 Michael BrownFixes for gcc >= 3.2 from Georg Baum
2005-05-23 Michael BrownSplit PXE code into preboot, udp, tftp, undi and loader...
2005-05-23 Michael BrownAdded interface/pxe directory
2005-05-23 Michael BrownMoved pxe_loader.c to pxe_image.c to avoid name clash
2005-05-23 Michael BrownMoved pxe_errors.c to pxe/interface/
2005-05-23 Michael BrownRearranging PXE header files
2005-05-23 George Baumthe uncontroversal gcc 4.0 compilation fixes
2005-05-23 Michael BrownSeparated out the Etherboot-specific parts of the old...
2005-05-23 Michael BrownAdded PXENV+ and !PXE structures, and the loader API.
2005-05-23 Michael BrownFinished documenting the UNDI API.
2005-05-23 Michael BrownDocumented up to PXENV_UNDI_CLOSE
2005-05-23 Michael BrownDocumented Preboot, TFTP and UDP data structures
2005-05-22 Michael BrownDocumented PXENV_GET_CACHED_INFO structures
2005-05-22 Michael BrownAdd UDP parameter structures
2005-05-22 Michael BrownDefine PXE types in terms of other PXE types where...
2005-05-22 Michael BrownWorked out a sensible doxygen grouping
2005-05-21 Michael BrownAdded all API codes and basic prototypes.
2005-05-21 Michael BrownDocumented the basic PXE data types
2005-05-20 Michael BrownDocumented the UDP API calls.
2005-05-20 Michael BrownMoved pxe_export.c to pxe.c, since the old pxe.c no...
2005-05-20 Michael BrownDocumented the link stages
2005-05-20 Michael BrownDocumented the compilation stages
2005-05-20 Michael BrownEnable latex output
2005-05-20 Michael BrownAdd doc/ directory and .S files.
2005-05-20 Michael BrownDoxygenation
2005-05-20 Michael BrownUpdate to cope with changes in registers.h
2005-05-20 Michael BrownDon't use anonymous entries in a struct; it seems to...
2005-05-20 Michael BrownUse "#var" rather than "@c var" for doxygen.
2005-05-20 Michael BrownDoxygenation
2005-05-19 Michael BrownDon't include etherboot.h; we get a circular dependency
2005-05-19 Michael BrownDoxygenation
2005-05-19 Michael BrownAPI docs to .h
2005-05-19 Michael BrownMove API docs to buffer.h, implementation to buffer.c.
2005-05-19 Michael BrownSync from 5.4 branch EB.5.4.SYNC
2005-05-19 Michael BrownImported from Etherboot 5.4 tree
2005-05-19 Michael BrownSynced across updates from Etherboot 5.4 tree
2005-05-19 Michael BrownAdded FSP
2005-05-19 Michael BrownVersion increased to 5.5.0
2005-05-19 Michael BrownDoxygenation
2005-05-19 Michael BrownDoxygenation
2005-05-19 Michael Brownerrno.h now required in order to compile.
2005-05-19 Michael BrownAdd a const to avoid a warning
2005-05-19 Michael BrownAdd image formats (didn't check in properly to gpxe...
2005-05-19 Michael BrownDoxygenated
2005-05-19 Michael BrownMore documentation
2005-05-19 Michael Brownload_buffer is now handled via load_buffer.h
2005-05-19 Michael BrownAdded preliminary doxygen documentation
2005-05-18 Michael BrownMore doxygen docs
2005-05-18 Michael BrownAdd include directories as source dirs
2005-05-18 Michael BrownOnly produce documentation where documentation actually...
2005-05-18 Michael Brown__attribute__ does not need to be treated as a variadic...
2005-05-18 Michael BrownAdd doxygen documentation
2005-05-18 Michael BrownDocument %m
2005-05-18 Michael BrownLinker symbols no longer defined in etherboot.h
2005-05-18 Michael Browndoxygen docs go in bin/doc
2005-05-18 Michael BrownHide __attribute__ from doxygen
2005-05-18 Michael BrownAdd EBADIMG, EIMGRET, ETIMEDOUT and EINVAL
2005-05-18 Michael Browndoxygen.cfg also references ARCH
2005-05-18 Michael BrownWorking to produce reasonably pretty code
2005-05-18 Michael Browndoxygen doesn't allow us to do the --include compiler...
2005-05-18 Michael BrownAdded doxygen comments and errno values.
2005-05-18 Michael BrownAdded rules to generate documentation using doxygen
2005-05-18 Michael BrownAdd DOXYGEN definition, comment out reference to not...
2005-05-18 Michael BrownThere is no arch/i386/firmware/linuxbios directory
2005-05-18 Michael BrownAll files in here are auto-generated
2005-05-18 Michael BrownError numbers moved to errno.h
2005-05-17 Michael BrownFirst version
2005-05-17 Michael BrownAdded errno, strerror and the "%m" printf metacharacter...
2005-05-17 Michael BrownChanged to 5.5
2005-05-17 Michael BrownImport from Etherboot 5.4 origin/Etherboot Eb.5.4.import
2005-05-17 Michael BrownInitial revision
2005-05-17 Michael BrownQuickly hacked to use a buffer rather than a processor.
2005-05-17 Michael BrownUpdate to use buffer rather than processor
2005-05-17 Michael BrownAdded const to fill_buffer
2005-05-17 Michael BrownUpdated to use buffer rather than processor
2005-05-17 Michael BrownLoad buffer is now handled by the autoload() function.
2005-05-17 Michael BrownMoved NBI support to nbi.c, modified to work with new...
2005-05-17 Michael BrownFirst version
2005-05-17 Michael BrownRestructured to allow per-object image formats
2005-05-17 Michael BrownHeap function prototypes moved to heap.h
2005-05-17 Michael BrownAdd twiddle() so that progress is visible.
2005-05-17 Michael BrownAdded print_images() and autoload().
2005-05-17 Michael BrownMoved find_segment into elf_loader.c
2005-05-17 Michael BrownMoved os_regs into start32.S
2005-05-17 Michael BrownAdded debug messages
2005-05-17 Michael BrownUse shared symbols for heap_ptr and heap_end
2005-05-17 Michael BrownAdded copy_phys_to_phys
2005-05-17 Michael BrownAdded "image" directory
2005-05-17 Michael BrownImage formats moved into the new config system
2005-05-17 Michael BrownUse __unused instead of __used for static data structures.
2005-05-13 Michael BrownUse the heap functions to allocate a load buffer.