2006-03-23 Michael BrownAdded prototype for inet_ntoa, even though we don't...
2006-03-23 Michael BrownMoved uIP wrapper out of prototester.c and into proto...
2006-03-23 Michael BrownAdd include/gpxe as a directory to scan.
2006-03-23 Michael BrownUpdated with "doxygen -u" from doxygen 1.4.4
2006-03-23 Michael BrownMoved old tcp.h to old_tcp.h, to avoid name clash with...
2006-03-23 Michael BrownAssertions are now handled via the POSIX-like <assert.h>.
2006-03-23 Michael BrownAdded missing #endif
2006-03-23 Michael BrownAdded assert.h, with assert() defined (almost) as per...
2006-03-23 Michael BrownRemoved to make way for the uIP-based tcp.c.
2006-03-23 Michael BrownMoved include/in.h to include/gpxe/in.h, so that it...
2006-03-23 Michael BrownAdd Makefile for hijack and prototester utilities.
2006-03-23 Michael BrownAdd debug symbols to objects. (They will be stripped...
2006-03-23 Michael BrownMake the application state a void *.
2006-03-23 Michael BrownCan now also print data sent by the remote side.
2006-03-23 Michael BrownNow capable of sending "Hello world!" via TCP.
2006-03-22 Michael BrownAdded basic http-specific option parsing
2006-03-22 Michael BrownStarted adding structure to allow for separate protocol...
2006-03-22 Michael BrownSkeleton version: contains device driver (connecting...
2006-03-22 Michael BrownAdded from uip-0.9/uip/uip_arp.[ch]
2006-03-22 Michael BrownRemove htons(); it is provided elsewhere in Etherboot
2006-03-22 Michael BrownBasic, functional-but-extremely-pessimal versions ...
2006-03-21 Michael BrownTerminate cleanly on SIGINT or SIGHUP
2006-03-21 Michael BrownUse libpcap API to send/receive packets.
2006-03-21 Michael BrownBasic structure in place: can daemonise, listen on...
2006-03-17 Michael BrownThese can come back when someone wants to support them
2006-03-17 Michael BrownMore purging
2006-03-17 Michael BrownThey can come back when they have someone to support...
2006-03-17 Michael BrownGPXE code cleanup and purge.
2006-03-16 Michael BrownPrefix semantics have changed gpxe.pre.purge
2006-03-16 Michael BrownAdd uip on HEAD; it's safe to build, since nothing...
2006-03-16 Michael BrownBuild in gpxe
2006-03-16 Michael BrownRemove accidental duplicate arising from merge
2006-03-16 Michael BrownBuild under gpxe
2006-03-16 Michael BrownBack out duplication arising from the merge
2006-03-16 Michael BrownFix to compile under gpxe
2006-03-16 Michael BrownMerge from Etherboot 5.4
2006-03-16 Michael BrownMerge from Etherboot 5.4
2006-03-16 Michael BrownMerge from Etherboot 5.4
2006-03-16 Michael BrownMerge from Etherboot 5.4
2006-03-16 Michael BrownMerge from Etherboot 5.4
2006-03-16 Michael BrownMerge from Etherboot 5.4
2006-03-16 Michael BrownMerge from Etherboot 5.4
2006-03-16 Michael BrownMerge from Etherboot 5.4
2006-03-16 Michael BrownMerge from Etherboot 5.4
2006-03-16 Michael BrownMerge from Etherboot 5.4
2006-01-17 Michael BrownFix up building with gcc 4.0.1 / gas 2.16.91
2005-07-11 George BaumReorder functions to match the linux driver.
2005-06-17 Timothy LeggeFix COMET TxUnderrun issue
2005-06-14 Geert Stappersno need for depending on build library ("blib")
2005-06-06 Michael BrownAdded documentation and ASSERT() statements.
2005-06-06 Michael BrownAllow data blocks to be less than sizeof ( struct buffe...
2005-06-02 Michael BrownReduce BACKOFF_LIMIT to a hopefully more reasonable...
2005-06-02 Michael BrownIn multicast operation, the client still has a unicast...
2005-06-02 Michael BrownAlways include code for sending multicast packets.
2005-06-02 Timothy Legge Jan Kiszka provided a patch for the smc9000 for missin...
2005-06-01 Michael BrownRewritten to use the functions in tftpcore.c.
2005-06-01 Michael BrownIGMP protocol now uses the generic background protocol...
2005-06-01 Michael BrownAdd generic mechanism for background protocols (e.g...
2005-06-01 Michael BrownIGMP functions separated out from nic.c
2005-06-01 Michael BrownDon't try to fetch another packet once we've reached...
2005-06-01 Michael BrownMake rfc2090 multicast option optional
2005-06-01 Michael BrownRe-order functions for more logical documentation
2005-06-01 Michael BrownDon't choke on duplicate OACK packets.
2005-06-01 Michael BrownRemove prototypes for obsolete functions
2005-06-01 Michael BrownDoxygenation
2005-06-01 Michael BrownTFTP upgraded to use a core function library (in tftpco...
2005-06-01 Michael BrownNow have enough functions to implement a standard TFTP...
2005-05-31 Michael BrownAdd tftp_ack() and tftp_error()
2005-05-31 Michael BrownFirst version
2005-05-31 Geert Stapperspatch of Helge Wagner
2005-05-27 Michael BrownDocumented remainder of PXE TFTP API calls.
2005-05-27 Michael BrownDocumented the purpose of the two timeout fields in
2005-05-27 Michael BrownAdded diatribe about the mismatch between the PXE spec...
2005-05-27 Michael BrownRefer to implementation note on IP routing.
2005-05-27 Michael BrownAdded implementation note on IP routing.
2005-05-26 Michael BrownThoughts on how to coerce the PXE TFTP API into somethi...
2005-05-24 Michael BrownSeparate out the documentation of the PXE API from...
2005-05-24 Michael BrownRemove the annoying #include lines
2005-05-24 Michael BrownSome versions of doxygen seem to object to "@ret None...
2005-05-23 Michael BrownFixes for gcc >= 3.2 from Georg Baum
2005-05-23 Michael BrownSplit PXE code into preboot, udp, tftp, undi and loader...
2005-05-23 Michael BrownAdded interface/pxe directory
2005-05-23 Michael BrownMoved pxe_loader.c to pxe_image.c to avoid name clash
2005-05-23 Michael BrownMoved pxe_errors.c to pxe/interface/
2005-05-23 Michael BrownRearranging PXE header files
2005-05-23 George Baumthe uncontroversal gcc 4.0 compilation fixes
2005-05-23 Michael BrownSeparated out the Etherboot-specific parts of the old...
2005-05-23 Michael BrownAdded PXENV+ and !PXE structures, and the loader API.
2005-05-23 Michael BrownFinished documenting the UNDI API.
2005-05-23 Michael BrownDocumented up to PXENV_UNDI_CLOSE
2005-05-23 Michael BrownDocumented Preboot, TFTP and UDP data structures
2005-05-22 Michael BrownDocumented PXENV_GET_CACHED_INFO structures
2005-05-22 Michael BrownAdd UDP parameter structures
2005-05-22 Michael BrownDefine PXE types in terms of other PXE types where...
2005-05-22 Michael BrownWorked out a sensible doxygen grouping
2005-05-21 Michael BrownAdded all API codes and basic prototypes.
2005-05-21 Michael BrownDocumented the basic PXE data types
2005-05-20 Michael BrownDocumented the UDP API calls.
2005-05-20 Michael BrownMoved pxe_export.c to pxe.c, since the old pxe.c no...
2005-05-20 Michael BrownDocumented the link stages