Return ANSI sequences for special keys
[people/xl0/gpxe.git] / src / arch / i386 / firmware / pcbios / bios_console.c
2006-12-20 Michael BrownReturn ANSI sequences for special keys
2006-12-19 Michael BrownOptimise bios_putchar for speed(!) by avoiding two...
2006-12-18 Michael BrownAdd basic ANSI escape sequence support to BIOS console
2006-05-25 Michael BrownTypo.
2006-05-24 Michael BrownUpdated to REAL_CODE().
2006-04-24 Michael Browngcc is rather over-aggressive about optimising out...
2005-04-14 Michael Browncompiler.h is now always included on the command line.
2005-04-08 Michael BrownMerged mcb30-realmode-redesign back to HEAD