Debug message fixes.
[people/xl0/gpxe.git] / src / drivers / bus / isapnp.c
2005-04-22 Michael BrownDebug message fixes.
2005-04-22 Michael BrownAdded friendly enable/disable functions
2005-04-22 Michael BrownUpdated all common buses to new API.
2005-04-17 Michael BrownUse only the header files that we need
2005-04-16 Michael BrownRemove debugging call to getchar()
2005-04-16 Michael BrownNow known to work with an old Adaptec 1505 that I found...
2005-04-16 Michael BrownImproved debugging output
2005-04-15 Michael BrownNeed to do isolation when find_isapnp_device is first...
2005-04-15 Michael BrownFix debug message
2005-04-15 Michael BrownWe now correctly use logical devices.
2005-04-15 Michael BrownAdded debugging messages for activation/deactivation...
2005-04-15 Michael BrownRead current ioaddr and irqno from PnP registers.
2005-04-15 Michael BrownDon't verify checksum except after serial isolation
2005-04-15 Michael BrownReduce binary size by factoring out common parameterise...
2005-04-15 Michael BrownActivation code now generalised as well.
2005-04-15 Michael BrownCleaned up isolation protocol.
2005-04-14 Michael BrownMoved core/isapnp.c to drivers/bus/isapnp.c