Update to cope with changes in registers.h
[people/xl0/gpxe.git] / src / arch / i386 / transitions / librm_mgmt.c
2005-05-20 Michael BrownUpdate to cope with changes in registers.h
2005-04-11 Michael BrownCleaner separation of functionality between post_reloc and
2005-04-10 Michael Browninitialise() doesn't take regs
2005-04-10 Michael Brownarch_initialise() is now sufficiently generic that...
2005-04-10 Michael BrownHeading towards a sane set of control functions
2005-04-10 Michael BrownMake prot_call() able to transparently return via the...
2005-04-09 Michael BrownAdd INIT_FNs to make sure that librm gets reallocated...
2005-04-08 Michael BrownMerged mcb30-realmode-redesign back to HEAD