Added descriptive text for settings and setting types, and display it in
[people/xl0/gpxe.git] / src / core / settings.c
2006-12-20 Michael BrownAdded descriptive text for settings and setting types...
2006-12-20 Michael BrownMove {show,set,clear}_setting() to {show,set,clear...
2006-12-20 Michael BrownUse -ENOSPC rather than -ENOMEM, to distinguish the...
2006-12-12 Michael BrownAdded clear_setting()
2006-12-08 Michael BrownAdded "priority" and "root-path" options
2006-12-06 Michael Browninet_aton() has a non-traditional return value
2006-12-05 Michael BrownTied NVO commands into the human-interactable settings...
2006-08-11 Michael BrownAdded cmdl_show proof-of-concept
2006-08-11 Michael BrownAdded "hostname" and "ip" as sample settings
2006-08-11 Michael BrownAdded ipv4 configuration type
2006-08-11 Michael BrownAdd string configuration type
2006-08-11 Michael BrownAdded basic infrastructure for manipulating settings.