Add barrier() primitive (was present in Eb5.4), used by some currently
[people/xl0/gpxe.git] / src / drivers / net /
2007-08-02 Holger Lubitzfix gcc 4.2.1 warning: discards qualifiers from pointer...
2007-07-28 Michael BrownMerge branch 'symcheck2'
2007-07-27 Holger Lubitzmake struct velocity_info vptx static
2007-07-27 Holger Lubitzmake struct velocity_info_tbl *info static
2007-07-27 Holger Lubitzmake struct nsx static
2007-07-27 Holger Lubitzmake struct bnx2 bnx2 static
2007-07-27 Holger Lubitzmake cards_found static and add missing initialization
2007-07-27 Holger LubitzMerge branch 'master' into symcheck2
2007-07-27 Holger Lubitzmake RTL8169_READ_GMII_REG, RTL8169_WRITE_GMII_REG...
2007-07-25 Michael BrownInhibit a spurious warning on GCC 4.0.1
2007-07-24 Michael BrownInclude errno.h in the few drivers which use it, rather...
2007-07-24 Michael BrownMerge branch 'master' of
2007-07-23 Marty ConnorChange #warning to FIXME for ns8390.c
2007-07-23 Marty ConnorChange #warning to FIXME for depca
2007-07-15 Michael BrownMerge commit 'indolent/natsemi'
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarremoved type casting from DBG statements.
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarreplaces printf with dbg
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumaradded natsemi.h
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarmdc's+nvs
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarmore debugging
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarmore debugging
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumaradded silicon revision number
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarinit_fix_up
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumaradded cable magic for 100Mps in natsemi
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarduplex setting added to natsemi.c
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarmore indentation and styling done
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumar:x
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarno changes
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumaradded nat_irq to natsemi.c
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarstopped memory leak in natsemi::nat_open()
2007-07-15 Udayan KumarNatsemi commented and almost done
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarnatsemi.c is workin
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarirq still not working will have to remove it
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarnatsemi
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarinterrupt in natsemi
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarenabled interrupt in natsemi.c
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumaradded change log to natsemi.c
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumaradded netdev_tx_complete to natsemi.c
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumaradded endianness to natsemi.
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarfree_netdev -> netdev_put
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumardebugging natsemi.c
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumaradded eeprom from rtl8139 but not working
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarnatsemi now needs eeprom access
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarsame as before, but now compiling natsemi
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumaradded polling and transmit. eeprom access still remaining
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumarskel of new natsemi driver (still in developments)
2007-07-15 Udayan Kumartesting if it works
2007-07-15 Michael BrownRevert mdc's warnings purge on natsemi.c, to allow...
2007-07-14 Michael BrownDead code removal.
2007-07-09 Michael BrownAdded missing "static"
2007-07-07 Michael BrownUse net_device_operations structure and netdev_nullify...
2007-07-07 Michael BrownRevert "Replace natsemi driver with Indolent's updated...
2007-07-07 Michael BrownMerge branch 'zalloc'
2007-07-07 Michael BrownRevert "convert to zalloc"
2007-07-06 Holger Lubitzconvert to zalloc
2007-07-05 Michael BrownUse netdev_rx_err() to report receive errors.
2007-07-05 Michael BrownMerge branch 'master' of
2007-07-05 Marty ConnorReplace natsemi driver with Indolent's updated one...
2007-07-05 Marty ConnorWarnings purge for via-velocity.[ch]
2007-07-05 Marty ConnorUpdate warnings in depca.c ns8390.c
2007-07-04 Marty ConnorPurge warnings from tg3.c
2007-07-04 Marty ConnorMerge branch 'master' of /pub/scm/gpxe
2007-07-04 Marty ConnorPurge warnings from prism2 drivers
2007-07-04 Marty ConnorWarnings purge of drivers (continued)
2007-07-03 Marty ConnorMerge branch 'master' of /pub/scm/gpxe
2007-07-03 Michael BrownKill off now-redundant _irq() methods.
2007-07-03 Michael BrownAvoid double free on I/O buffer when rtl_transmit(...
2007-07-03 Michael BrownEnable/disable interrupts in driver open/close.
2007-07-03 Michael BrownEnable/disable interrupts at open/close time.
2007-07-02 Michael BrownEnable/disable interrupts on open/close.
2007-06-30 Michael BrownHack together far enough to support ne2k-pci.
2007-06-30 Michael BrownHow has the legacy wrapper been working for the past...
2007-06-27 Michael BrownKill off hotplug.h and just make net devices normal...
2007-06-10 Michael BrownMerge branch 'master' into mcb-tcp-xfer
2007-06-10 Michael BrownAdd missing call to free_iob().
2007-06-09 Michael BrownMerge branch 'master' into mcb-tcp-xfer
2007-06-09 Marty ConnorUpdate email addresses in drivers
2007-06-08 Michael BrownMerge branch 'master' into mcb-tcp-xfer
2007-06-08 Marty ConnorUpdated email mdc's email address
2007-05-19 Michael Brownpkbuff->iobuf changeover
2007-03-13 James HarperPorted bnx2 driver from Etherboot 5.4.
2007-03-11 Michael Brownt5x9 code relies on nic->ioaddr being set
2007-03-10 Michael BrownUpdated 3c509 to current device model
2007-03-10 Michael BrownUpdated ISAPnP, EISA, MCA and ISA buses to current...
2007-02-19 Michael BrownRemove no-longer-used variable
2007-02-10 James HarperFix some bad pointer arithmatic in the tg3 driver that...
2007-02-10 James HarperFix padding problem - from Michael
2007-01-19 Michael BrownUse stdio.h instead of vsprintf.h
2007-01-18 Michael BrownInclude stdlib.h rather than malloc.h
2007-01-18 Michael BrownRespect the RX quota. This improves poll time by about...
2007-01-11 Michael BrownUse pkb_pad() rather than doing it the dangerous way :)
2007-01-11 Michael BrownExtract packet-padding login from rtl8139.c to a separa...
2007-01-10 Michael BrownAdd "name" field to struct device to allow human-readab...
2007-01-09 Michael BrownAdd RX quotas to the net device poll() method. This...
2007-01-09 Michael BrownAutopadding was sometimes overwriting the struct list_h...
2007-01-09 Michael BrownAdded net device TX queue; this will be needed to suppo...
2007-01-04 Michael BrownMake open() and close() an official part of the netdevi...
2006-12-21 Michael BrownDefault to port 0 (sic).
2006-12-18 Michael BrownThe "increment MAC address by port number" hack applies...
2006-12-06 Michael BrownAdd support for non-volatile stored options in the...