Allow load() and exec() methods to be NULL.
[people/xl0/gpxe.git] / src / core / image.c
2007-01-14 Michael BrownAllow load() and exec() methods to be NULL.
2007-01-12 Michael BrownPrint image physical location in registration message.
2007-01-12 Michael BrownLet ifmgmt.c take care of calling efree(), since it...
2007-01-12 Michael BrownAdd debug message
2007-01-12 Michael Brownfetch() now knows nothing about struct image; it simply...
2007-01-12 Michael BrownAdd free_image
2007-01-12 Michael BrownAdded IMAGE_LOADED flag and find_image()
2007-01-11 Michael BrownAllow for named images.
2007-01-11 Michael BrownProvide registration mechanism for loaded images, so...
2007-01-11 Michael BrownMove include/image.h to include/gpxe/image.h
2007-01-11 Michael BrownUpdate buffer-handling code to enable expandable buffers.
2007-01-11 Michael BrownMove include/buffer.h to include/gpxe/buffer.h
2006-06-29 Marty Connorfix printf format args
2006-05-16 Michael BrownTear out old heap code, replace with code that simply...
2005-05-17 Michael BrownAdded print_images() and autoload().
2005-05-09 Michael BrownFirst versions