Hide __attribute__ from doxygen
[people/xl0/gpxe.git] / src / include / compiler.h
2005-05-18 Michael BrownHide __attribute__ from doxygen
2005-05-17 Michael BrownUse __unused instead of __used for static data structures.
2005-05-13 Michael BrownAdded ASSERT() macro
2005-05-03 Michael BrownRemoved spurious semicolon
2005-05-02 Michael BrownMoved definition of __shared into compiler.h
2005-04-27 Michael BrownAdded PREFIX_OBJECT() function to be able to easily...
2005-04-25 Michael BrownAllow for multiple debug levels
2005-04-22 Michael BrownRevert debug message prefix back to none, since we...
2005-04-21 Michael BrownForce a standard format upon debug messages.
2005-04-17 Michael BrownAutomatically drag in console.h if DBG() is being defin...
2005-04-14 Michael BrownAutomatically create DBG() macro based on debug_<object...
2005-04-08 Michael BrownMerged mcb30-realmode-redesign back to HEAD