2010-12-08 Shao Miller[bus] Rename bus_list_lock to bus__list_lock_
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[bus] Rename boot_bus_fdo to bus__boot_fdo_
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[bus] Minor style/cosmetic changes
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[device] Introduce device__set function
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[bus] Rename bus__get_ptr to bus__get
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[device] Introduce device__get function
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename get_aoe_disk_ptr to aoe__get_
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename aoe_disk_list to aoe__disk_list_
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename aoe_disk_list_lock to aoe__disk_list_lock_
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename AoE_Globals_Started to aoe__started_
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename AoE_Globals_ThreadHandle to aoe__thread_ha...
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename AoE_Globals_OutstandingTags to aoe__outsta...
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename AoE_Globals_DiskSearchList to aoe__disk_se...
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename AoE_Globals_ProbeTag to aoe__probe_tag_
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename AoE_Globals_TagList to aoe__tag_list_
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename AoE_Globals_TagListLast to aoe__tag_list_last_
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename AoE_Globals_ThreadSignalEvent to aoe__thre...
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename AoE_Globals_SpinLock to aoe__spinlock_
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename AoE_Globals_Stop to aoe__stop_
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename AoE_Globals_TargetList to aoe__target_list_
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename AoE_Globals_TargetListSpinLock to aoe__tar...
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename target_list to aoe__target_list_
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename search_state to aoe__search_state_
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename disk_search to aoe__disk_search_
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename work_tag to aoe__work_tag_
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename io_req to aoe__io_req_
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename packet to aoe__packet_
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename create_aoe_disk to aoe__create_disk_
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename free_aoe_disk to aoe__free_disk_
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename unload to aoe__unload_
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename process_abft to aoe__process_abft_
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[debug] Undo a build macro toggle that slipped in
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename thread routine to aoe__thread_
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename aoe_disk_type to aoe__disk_type_
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[aoe] Don't use winvblock__def_enum for tag type
2010-12-07 Shao Miller[device] Remove device__free_decl macro
2010-12-07 Shao Miller[irp] Remove irp__handler_decl macro
2010-12-07 Shao Miller[aoe] Don't use winvblock__def_struct for aoe_disk_type
2010-12-07 Shao Miller[aoe] Major cosmetic changes
2010-12-07 Shao Miller[aoe] Minor cosmetic changes
2010-12-03 Shao Miller[disk] Move away from mini IRP handling table registration
2010-12-03 Shao Miller[bus] Start moving away from mini IRP handling registration
2010-12-03 Shao Miller[driver,device,irp] Don't use mini IRP handling registr...
2010-12-03 Shao Miller[irp] Move code into irp__process_with_table
2010-12-02 Shao Miller[driver,device] Use place-holder driver__default_dispatch
2010-12-02 Shao Miller[driver] Establish driver__dispatch_func type
2010-12-02 Shao Miller[irp] Introduce IRP thread routine
2010-12-02 Shao Miller[device] Make room for threaded devices
2010-11-23 Shao Miller[project] Replace RtlZeroMemory with wv_?allocz where...
2010-11-21 Shao Miller[project] Change RtlCompareMemory to wv_memcmpeq
2010-11-21 Shao Miller[winvblock/disk/pnp.c] Fix ULONG_PTR warnings
2010-11-21 Shao Miller[project] Replace ExFreePool with wv_free
2010-11-21 Shao Miller[project] Change ExAllocatePool to wv_?alloc
2010-06-13 Shao Miller[filedisk] Support hot-swapping to another file
2010-06-07 Shao Miller[util] Change the usage
2010-06-04 Shao Miller[util] Tons of cosmetic changes
2010-06-03 Shao Miller[filedisk] Support .ISO-on-HDD scenario
2010-06-03 Shao Miller[filedisk] Fix GRUB4DOS logic up a bit
2010-06-03 Shao Miller[filedisk] Require Microsoft VHD footers for booted...
2010-06-03 Shao Miller[disk] Use unsigned 64-bit integer for sector counting
2010-06-03 Shao Miller[headers] Add byte order swapping support
2010-06-01 Shao Miller[version] Up version to
2010-06-01 Shao Miller[filedisk] Add MBR check for GRUB4DOS disks
2010-06-01 Shao Miller[disk] Move MBR structure def. and CHS macros into...
2010-06-01 Shao Miller[filedisk] Increase timeout for threaded disk processing
2010-06-01 Shao Miller[filedisk] Initial support for booting a filedisk from...
2010-06-01 Shao Miller[filedisk] Move filedisk__get_ptr macro into header
2010-06-01 Shao Miller[filedisk] Implement threaded filedisk creation function
2010-06-01 Shao Miller[filedisk] Add support for threaded filedisks
2010-05-31 Shao Miller[filedisk] Allow for a file offset
2010-05-30 Shao Miller[filedisk] Add GRUB4DOS module
2010-05-30 Shao Miller[filedisk] Put in own subdir and change to library
2010-05-30 Shao Miller[disk] Allow for asynchronous IRP completion
2010-05-23 Shao Miller[irp,bus] Send and handle IRP completion properly for...
2010-05-23 Shao Miller[aoe] Fix get_ptr macro and uses
2010-05-23 Shao Miller[bus] Fix NULL pointer dereference when disk walking
2010-05-23 Shao Miller[aoe] Fix NULL pointer dereferencing in disk walking
2010-05-23 Shao Miller[major] Re-work device structures and creation
2010-05-21 Shao Miller[bus] Use new bus creation strategy
2010-05-21 Shao Miller[cosmetics] Fix some typos due to copy and paste
2010-05-21 Shao Miller[bus] bus__add_child once more takes a bus param
2010-05-21 Shao Miller[device,bus] Further develop device routines
2010-05-20 Shao Miller[bus] Create boot bus here, introduce init function
2010-05-20 Shao Miller[device] Don't use a pointer for device operations
2010-05-20 Shao Miller[device] Introduce device creation routine
2010-05-18 Shao Miller[device] Introduce device header and move details there
2010-05-18 Shao Miller[winvblock/driver] Rename dev_ext member to device
2010-05-18 Shao Miller[project] Rename dev_ext variables to dev
2010-05-18 Shao Miller[winvblock/driver] Rename driver__dev_ext to device__type
2010-05-18 Shao Miller[winvblock/probe] Move disk probe routine into bus
2010-05-18 Shao Miller[disk] Add missing extern specifier for export
2010-05-18 Shao Miller[build] Re-visit build system and directory structure
2010-05-16 Shao Miller[version] Up version to
2010-05-16 Shao Miller[aoe] Add files to support 64-bit compilation
2010-05-16 Shao Miller[project] Add to git ignore file
2010-05-16 Shao Miller[bus/disk,bus/filedisk] Add geometry detection
2010-05-11 Shao Miller[httpdisk] Apply WinVBlock-as-usual indentation
2010-05-11 Shao Miller[httpdisk] Dos2Unix source files
2010-05-11 Shao Miller[httpdisk] Support compilation under DDK 6001.18001
2010-05-11 Shao Miller[httpdisk] Initial population into WinVBlock repository