2011-01-22 Shao Miller[filedisk/grub4dos] Rename check_disk_match()...
2011-01-22 Shao Miller[filedisk/grub4dos] Pend WvFilediskG4dIo_
2011-01-22 Shao Miller[filedisk/grub4dos] Return STATUS_DEVICE_NOT_READY...
2011-01-22 Shao Miller[filedisk/grub4dos] Fix uninitialized array
2011-01-20 Shao Miller[project] Include binaries in git for dev releases
2011-01-20 Shao Miller[filedisk] Add impersonation support for network files
2011-01-19 Shao Miller[libthread] WvlThreadStart() makes WvlThreadStateStarted
2011-01-19 Shao Miller[filedisk] Make all filedisks threaded
2011-01-17 Shao Miller[filedisk,ramdisk] Set the ParentBus earlier
2011-01-16 Shao Miller[util] Spoof types for #include to succeed
2011-01-16 Shao Miller[build] Build httpdisk.exe with makeutils.bat
2011-01-16 Shao Miller[httpdisk_util] Work with bus device
2011-01-16 Shao Miller[httpdisk] Handle IOCTL_HTTP_DISK_DISCONNECT
2011-01-16 Shao Miller[httpdisk/bus] Handle IOCTL_HTTP_DISK_CONNECT
2011-01-15 Shao Miller[httpdisk] Change 'return' to 'break' in HttpDiskThread()
2011-01-10 Shao Miller[httpdisk] Use WinVBlock disk library for SCSI IRPs
2011-01-10 Shao Miller[httpdisk] Use WinVBlock disk library for PnP IRPs
2011-01-10 Shao Miller[disk] Rename WV_S_DISK_OPS to WVL_S_DISK_OPS
2011-01-10 Shao Miller[disk] Rename WV_F_DISK_CLOSE to WVL_F_DISK_CLOSE
2011-01-10 Shao Miller[disk] Rename WV_F_DISK_MAX_XFER_LEN...
2011-01-10 Shao Miller[disk] Rename WV_S_DISK_T to WVL_S_DISK_T
2011-01-10 Shao Miller[disk,aoe,filedisk,ramdisk] Remove Dev member
2011-01-10 Shao Miller[disk,libdisk] Split more non-library out of library
2011-01-10 Shao Miller[driver,disk] Move some disk code into disk.c
2011-01-10 Shao Miller[disk->libdisk] Continue librarization process
2011-01-10 Shao Miller[filedisk,ramdisk] Remove unused *__get_ptr() macros
2011-01-10 Shao Miller[disk/pnp] Independence from WV_S_DISK_T
2011-01-10 Shao Miller[disk] Use new PnpQueryDevText member of WV_S_DISK_T
2011-01-10 Shao Miller[disk] Use new PnpQueryId member of WV_S_DISK_T
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[disk] New ParentBus member
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] Use new Pdo member in AOE_S_DISK
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] Use new Boot member of AOE_S_DISK
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] Use new BusNode member of AOE_S_DISK
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] AoeBusAddDev() now takes an AOE_SP_DISK
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] Move AOE_S_DISK_ into header
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] Move AOE_E_SEARCH_STATE_ into header
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] Remove unused 'prev_free' member
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[disk,aoe,ramdisk,filedisk] Remove unused 'tracking...
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[disk,aoe] Move SpinLock and SearchEvent member into AoE
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[disk,aoe,filedisk,ramdisk] Move Dev back out of WV_S_D...
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[disk] Remove Init member from WV_S_DISK_T
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[disk/pnp,driver] More independence from WV_S_DEV_T
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[disk/scsi] Independence from WV_S_DEV_T
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[disk/scsi] Remove more WV_S_DEV_T dependence
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] Remove more WV_S_DEV_T usage
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] Avoid disk__get_ptr and WvDevFromDevObj...
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[disk] Use WV_S_DEV_T-independent I/O routine
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[disk] Introduce I/O function prototype without...
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] Wrap an I/O routine taking a disk instead of dev
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] Use AOE_SP_DISK_ instead of WV_SP_DEV_T for...
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[disk] Remove unused disk__create()
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[disk/dev_ctl,driver] Rename disk_dev_ctl__dispatch()
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[disk/dev_ctl] Change disk_dev_ctl__scsi_get_address_
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[device] Remove DevNum member
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[disk] Introduce UnitNum operation
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[disk/dev_ctl] Change disk_dev_ctl__get_geom_()
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[disk/dev_ctl] Change disk_dev_ctl__storage_query_prop_()
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[disk/dev_ctl] Get the disk pointer in the dispatcher
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[disk/pnp] Don't call IoDeleteDevice()
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] Change AoeDiskCreate_ to AoeDiskCreatePdo_()
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] Use disk IRP handlers
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[disk] Export disk IRP handlers as library functions
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] Don't track AoE disks globally
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] Put the WV_S_DISK_T inside AOE_S_DISK_
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe/bus] Allow the caller to create the PDO
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[ramdisk] Use RAM disk PDO creation function
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[ramdisk/memdisk] Note the media type before creation
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[ramdisk/grub4dos] Note the media type before creation
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[ramdisk/grub4dos] Minor, cosmetic changes
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[ramdisk] Minor, cosmetic changes
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[ramdisk] Don't track RAM disks globally
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[bus] Add null operation check for WV_S_DEV_T::Ops...
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[disk,filedisk] Export IRP handlers, create filedisk PDO
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[filedisk] Shuffle code around in WvFilediskAttach()
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[bus] Allow a WvBusAddDev() caller to create PDO
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[disk] Zero out a disk during initialization
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[disk] Split WvDiskCreatePdo_() for WV_S_DEV_T independence
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[disk] Don't track disks globally
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[disk] Split disk initialization out of disk__create()
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[disk] Cosmetic changes and NULL disk operation checks
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[disk] Rename WV_E_DISK_IO_MODE to WVL_E_DISK_IO_MODE
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[disk] Rename WV_A_DISK_BOOT_SECT to WVL_A_DISK_BOOT_SECT
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[httpdisk] Handle IRP_MJ_PNP:IRP_MN_START_DEVICE
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[disk] Rename WV_E_DISK_MEDIA_TYPE to WVL_E_DISK_MEDIA_TYPE
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[httpdisk] Debug-messages for unsupported IRP major...
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[httpdisk] IRP_MJ_SCSI handling skeleton
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[httpdisk] Debug-messages for a few more PnP IRP types
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[httpdisk] Support disk PnP ID queries
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[httpdisk] Add IRP_MJ_PNP handler
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[libbus/pnp] Add check for NULL QueryDevText member
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[libbus] Add check for NULL bus FDO
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[httpdisk/bus] Add pre-made devices to the bus
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[httpdisk/bus] Delete bus FDO on PnP removal
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[httpdisk/bus] Actually handle the IRPs in commit 6081ace4
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[httpdisk/bus] Establish the bus state as started
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[httpdisk] Revert portion of commit 0d63d646
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[httpdisk] Send a few IRP majors to the bus
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[httpdisk] Add success debug message to DriverEntry()
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[httpdisk] Change DEVICE_BASE_NAME to \HttpDisks
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[httpdisk/bus] Report bus IRPs