2011-01-08 Shao Miller[httpdisk] Add success debug message to DriverEntry()
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[httpdisk] Change DEVICE_BASE_NAME to \HttpDisks
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[httpdisk/bus] Report bus IRPs
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[httpdisk/bus] Implement HttpdiskBusAttach()
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[aoe/bus] Remove unused declarations
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[httpdisk/bus] Initialize the bus FDO device extension
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[httpdisk] Send bus IRPs to the bus IRP dispatcher
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[httpdisk] Use DRIVER_DISPATCH declarations
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[httpdisk] Rename DEVICE_EXTENSION to HTTPDISK_S_DEV
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[httpdisk/bus] Use a WVL_S_BUS_T bus
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[httpdisk/bus] Create and delete the bus FDO
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[httpdisk] Store the driver object as HttpdiskDriverObj
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[build] Build HTTPDisk.INF file for HTTPDisk driver
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[httpdisk] Create PDO on WinVBlock bus
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[dummy,aoe] Move dummy creation IOCTL setup from AoE
2011-01-07 Shao Miller[httpdisk/bus] Add debug messages
2011-01-07 Shao Miller[httpdisk] Link with WinVBlock
2011-01-07 Shao Miller[httpdisk] Add bus.c skeleton
2011-01-07 Shao Miller[project,httpdisk] Include in project build
2011-01-07 Shao Miller[httpdisk] Fix deprecation warnings
2011-01-07 Shao Miller[aoe/bus] Use unit detach logic similar to WvBusDevCtlD...
2011-01-07 Shao Miller[disk/pnp] Use similar removal logic to the dummy device
2011-01-07 Shao Miller[dummy] Return back upper drivers' IRP_MJ_PNP
2011-01-07 Shao Miller[disk] Include driver reference in WV_S_DISK_T
2011-01-07 Shao Miller[aoe] Bus detach causes thread stop
2011-01-07 Shao Miller[aoe/bus] Set the bus state to started
2011-01-07 Shao Miller[dummy] Sanity-check a PDO in WvDummyRemove()
2011-01-07 Shao Miller[aoe/bus] Don't use AoeBusPdo global
2011-01-07 Shao Miller[libbus,driver,dummy] Don't thread the main bus
2011-01-06 Shao Miller[debug] Change macros and message layout
2011-01-06 Shao Miller[bus] WvBusDevCtlDetach() using WvBusRemoveDev_()
2011-01-06 Shao Miller[bus,probe] Change when boot disks are probed
2011-01-06 Shao Miller[libbus] Fix uninitilized nodes_changed use
2011-01-06 Shao Miller[driver,bus] Enqueue all bus IRPs, FDO attach reqs.
2011-01-05 Shao Miller[bus,aoe] Make threads responsible for bus FDO removal
2011-01-05 Shao Miller[libbus/pnp] Set Linked member for each node on bus...
2011-01-05 Shao Miller[util] Add an icon
2011-01-05 Shao Miller[bus,dummy,libbus] Handle dummy PDO removal
2011-01-05 Shao Miller[aoe] Shuffle code around in DriverEntry() and AoeUnload()
2011-01-05 Shao Miller[aoe] More cosmetic changes
2011-01-05 Shao Miller[driver] Miscellaneous grouped memory allocation functions
2011-01-04 Shao Miller[driver,bus] Shuffle FDO attach around, use WvlThread*
2011-01-04 Shao Miller[driver] Remove WvTestThreadTest
2011-01-04 Shao Miller[driver] Test stopping WvlThreadTest thread
2011-01-04 Shao Miller[driver] Remove WvlThreadTestMsg() test calls
2011-01-04 Shao Miller[libthread] Lots of good stuff
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[libthread] Introduce libthread
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[libbus] Add thread ownership functions
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[aoe] Clear AoeBusPdo after IRP_MN_REMOVE_DEVICE on...
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[libbus/pnp] Increment reference count on dev. relations
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[dummy] Try to delete a dummy device on IRP_MN_REMOVE_D...
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[debug] Rename Debug_IrpStart to WvlDebugIrpStart
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[libbus] Discard queued IRPs for a removed bus
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[libbus] Add PDO and bus to debug messages for node...
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[libbus/pnp] Disassociate a deleted FDO
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[debug] Add thread to debug output
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[disk/pnp] Cosmetic changes to debug messages
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[dummy] Handle PnP device removal
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[libbus/pnp] Fix debug messages
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[aoe] Fix search'n'replace failure for abft_ptr
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[debug] Rename xDbgPrint to WvDebugPrint
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[aoe/bus] Remove PDO when appropriate
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[dummy] Add WvDummyRemove function
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[aoe/bus] Only attach FDO to our PDO on the WinVBlock bus
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[dummy] Pass back the created PDO
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[aoe] Create PDO within AoeBusCreate
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[dummy] Don't try to grant a PDO without the main bus
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[build] Build AoE.INF file for AoE driver
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[libbus,driver] Move WvProbeDisks call out of bus library
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[bus] Remove dev param from WvBusDevCtl
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[filedisk] Remove dev param from WvFilediskAttach
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[filedisk/grub4dos] Minor, cosmetic changes
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[filedisk] Rename filedisk__hot_swap_thread to WvFiledi...
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[filedisk] Minor, cosmetic touch-ups
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[filedisk] Rename filedisk__create to WvFilediskCreate
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[filedisk] Rename filedisk__create_threaded to WvFiledi...
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[filedisk] Rename filedisk__module_init to WvFilediskMo...
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[filedisk] Rename filedisk__attach to WvFilediskAttach
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[bus] Don't handle DeviceTextLocationInformation query
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[driver,bus] Remove WvBusPnp
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[driver] Special-case IRP_MJ_SCSI for bus
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[driver] Special-case IRP_MJ_DEVICE_CONTROL for bus
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[driver,bus] Remove WvBusSysCtl
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[driver] Special-case IRP_MJ_[CREATE|CLOSE] for bus
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[driver,bus] Remove WvBusPower
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[libbus] Rename bus.c to libbus.c
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[driver,bus] Move WvBus* subjects into new bus.c
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[driver,dummy] Move dummy device feature into dummy...
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[driver] Drop underscore suffix convention
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[bus->libbus] Rename bus library to libbus
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[driver] Remove unused driver__dispatch_func typedef
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[driver] Rename driver__unload_ to WvUnload
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[driver] Rename driver__dispatch_*_ to WvIrp*
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[driver] Rename driver__dispatch_not_supported_ to...
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename AoeDriverIrpDevCtl_ to AoeIrpDevCtl
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename AoeDriverIrpNotSupported_ to AoeIrpNotSupp...
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename AoeDriverIrpPnp_ to AoeIrpPnp
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename AoeDriverIrpScsi_ to AoeIrpScsi
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename AoeDriverIrpDevCtl_ to AoeIrpDevCtl
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename AoeDriverIrpSysCtl_ to AoeIrpSysCtl