[aoe] Rename aoe__mount_targets to AOE_S_MOUNT_TARGETS
[people/sha0/winvblock.git] / src / util /
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename aoe__mount_targets to AOE_S_MOUNT_TARGETS
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[header,aoe] Rename winvblock__literal* and abft
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[util] Use appropriate bus for each command
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[util] Show error messages instead of error codes
2011-01-01 Shao Miller[util] Don't use command_decl macro
2010-12-31 Shao Miller[util] Minor, cosmetic changes
2010-12-31 Shao Miller[util] Rename mount.c to winvblk.c
2010-06-07 Shao Miller[util] Change the usage
2010-06-04 Shao Miller[util] Tons of cosmetic changes
2010-05-08 Shao Miller[aoe_ioctl] Merge header into AoE header
2010-05-08 Shao Miller[bus/bus_dev_ctl,bus/aoe] Move AoE IOCTLs into AoE...
2010-05-08 Shao Miller[mount,aoe] Move AoE IOCTLs into their own file
2010-04-30 Shao Miller[build] Move majority of code into bus subdir
2010-04-30 Shao Miller[build] Move userland utility into subdir