[device] Rename make_dev_pdo to device__make_pdo_
[people/sha0/winvblock.git] / src / winvblock / device.c
2010-12-11 Shao Miller[device] Rename make_dev_pdo to device__make_pdo_
2010-12-11 Shao Miller[device] Rename free_dev to device__free_dev_
2010-12-11 Shao Miller[device] Remove device__init module startup function
2010-12-11 Shao Miller[device] Minor cosmetic changes.
2010-12-11 Shao Miller[device] Don't use device__close_decl macro
2010-12-11 Shao Miller[device] Don't use winvblock__def_struct for device__type
2010-12-09 Shao Miller[device] Use typedef for device__create_pdo_func
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[device] Correct the return type for device__set
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[device] Introduce device__set function
2010-12-08 Shao Miller[device] Introduce device__get function
2010-12-07 Shao Miller[device] Remove device__free_decl macro
2010-12-03 Shao Miller[driver,device,irp] Don't use mini IRP handling registr...
2010-12-02 Shao Miller[driver,device] Use place-holder driver__default_dispatch
2010-12-02 Shao Miller[device] Make room for threaded devices
2010-11-23 Shao Miller[project] Replace RtlZeroMemory with wv_?allocz where...
2010-11-21 Shao Miller[project] Change ExAllocatePool to wv_?alloc
2010-05-23 Shao Miller[major] Re-work device structures and creation
2010-05-21 Shao Miller[device,bus] Further develop device routines
2010-05-20 Shao Miller[device] Introduce device creation routine