[bus_pnp] Move bus PnP IRP handling into bus_pnp
[people/sha0/winvblock.git] / src / bus.c
2009-12-16 Shao Miller[bus_pnp] Move bus PnP IRP handling into bus_pnp
2009-12-16 Shao Miller[bus] Initial test for mini IRP handling
2009-12-16 Shao Miller[driver] First test with new mini IRP handling strategy
2009-12-15 Shao Miller[irp,driver] Add mini IRP handling stacks
2009-12-15 Shao Miller[cosmetics] Fix tab-size
2009-12-15 Shao Miller[bus] Fix AoE unmounting
2009-12-14 Shao Miller[protocol] Fix AoE startup
2009-12-14 Shao Miller[driver] Remove bus and disk details from the device...
2009-12-14 Shao Miller[bus] Do not include bus.h from driver.h
2009-12-14 Shao Miller[disk] Do not include disk.h from driver.h
2009-12-14 Shao Miller[irp] Introduce IRP header
2009-12-13 Shao Miller[bus,driver,probe] Re-work probe invocation and bus...
2009-12-13 Shao Miller[driver] DRIVER_DEVICEEXTENSION renamed to driver__dev_ext
2009-12-11 Shao Miller[headers] BOOLEAN renamed to winvblock__bool
2009-12-11 Shao Miller[headers] USHORT and UINT16 renamed to winvblock__uint16
2009-12-11 Shao Miller[headers] UCHAR and UINT8 renamed to winvblock__uint8
2009-12-10 Shao Miller[aoedisk] Support optical disc emulation
2009-09-02 Shao Miller[bus] Bus_Stop() now nullifies global pointer to bus...
2009-08-31 Shao Miller[project] Project is now officially forked as WinVBlock
2009-08-27 Shao Miller[grub4dos] Initial GRUB4DOS memory-mapped drive support
2009-08-26 Shao Miller[abstraction] Rework IRP handlers, move boot-disk probi...
2009-08-24 Shao Miller[abstraction] Several things -- see commit message
2009-08-23 Shao Miller[memdisk] Changes to support MEMDISK as the boot disk
2009-08-22 Shao Miller[cosmetics] Make mdi.h consistent with previous commit
2009-08-22 Shao Miller[cosmetics] Global, function, typedef naming convention
2009-08-20 Shao Miller[feature] MEMDISK support
2009-08-17 Shao Miller[cosmetics] Changed my mind about indent again
2009-08-17 Shao Miller[repository] Insert void into empty arguments in functi...
2009-08-10 Shao Miller[cosmetics] Added static and extern qualifiers for...
2009-08-10 Shao Miller[cosmetics] Added static and extern qualifiers for...
2009-08-10 Shao Miller[cosmetics] Cosmetic changes, C-style comments, copyrig...
2009-07-06 Shao Miller[debugging] Add missing #include for bus.c, disk.c...
2009-07-06 Shao Miller[bus] Use new debugging message system
2009-07-01 Shao Miller[repository] Another spacing style change for C files
2009-07-01 Shao Miller[repository] Spacing style change to *.h and *.c files
2009-07-01 Shao Miller[repository] DOS2UNIX all *.h and *.c files
2009-06-29 Shao Miller[repository] Initial population of WinAoE into git...