[project] Development cycle binaries for today
[people/sha0/winvblock.git] / src / aoe / driver.c
2011-01-10 Shao Miller[disk] Rename WV_F_DISK_CLOSE to WVL_F_DISK_CLOSE
2011-01-10 Shao Miller[disk] Rename WV_F_DISK_MAX_XFER_LEN...
2011-01-10 Shao Miller[disk] Rename WV_S_DISK_T to WVL_S_DISK_T
2011-01-10 Shao Miller[disk,aoe,filedisk,ramdisk] Remove Dev member
2011-01-10 Shao Miller[disk,libdisk] Split more non-library out of library
2011-01-10 Shao Miller[disk/pnp] Independence from WV_S_DISK_T
2011-01-10 Shao Miller[disk] Use new PnpQueryDevText member of WV_S_DISK_T
2011-01-10 Shao Miller[disk] Use new PnpQueryId member of WV_S_DISK_T
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] Use new Pdo member in AOE_S_DISK
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] Use new Boot member of AOE_S_DISK
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] Use new BusNode member of AOE_S_DISK
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] AoeBusAddDev() now takes an AOE_SP_DISK
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] Move AOE_S_DISK_ into header
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] Move AOE_E_SEARCH_STATE_ into header
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] Remove unused 'prev_free' member
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[disk,aoe,ramdisk,filedisk] Remove unused 'tracking...
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[disk,aoe] Move SpinLock and SearchEvent member into AoE
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[disk,aoe,filedisk,ramdisk] Move Dev back out of WV_S_D...
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[disk/pnp,driver] More independence from WV_S_DEV_T
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[disk/scsi] Independence from WV_S_DEV_T
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] Remove more WV_S_DEV_T usage
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] Avoid disk__get_ptr and WvDevFromDevObj...
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[disk] Use WV_S_DEV_T-independent I/O routine
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[disk] Introduce I/O function prototype without...
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] Wrap an I/O routine taking a disk instead of dev
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] Use AOE_SP_DISK_ instead of WV_SP_DEV_T for...
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[disk/dev_ctl,driver] Rename disk_dev_ctl__dispatch()
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[device] Remove DevNum member
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[disk] Introduce UnitNum operation
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] Change AoeDiskCreate_ to AoeDiskCreatePdo_()
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] Use disk IRP handlers
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] Don't track AoE disks globally
2011-01-09 Shao Miller[aoe] Put the WV_S_DISK_T inside AOE_S_DISK_
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[disk] Rename WV_E_DISK_IO_MODE to WVL_E_DISK_IO_MODE
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[disk] Rename WV_E_DISK_MEDIA_TYPE to WVL_E_DISK_MEDIA_TYPE
2011-01-07 Shao Miller[disk] Include driver reference in WV_S_DISK_T
2011-01-07 Shao Miller[aoe] Bus detach causes thread stop
2011-01-07 Shao Miller[aoe/bus] Don't use AoeBusPdo global
2011-01-07 Shao Miller[libbus,driver,dummy] Don't thread the main bus
2011-01-06 Shao Miller[debug] Change macros and message layout
2011-01-05 Shao Miller[bus,aoe] Make threads responsible for bus FDO removal
2011-01-05 Shao Miller[aoe] Shuffle code around in DriverEntry() and AoeUnload()
2011-01-05 Shao Miller[aoe] More cosmetic changes
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[aoe] Clear AoeBusPdo after IRP_MN_REMOVE_DEVICE on...
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[debug] Rename Debug_IrpStart to WvlDebugIrpStart
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[aoe] Fix search'n'replace failure for abft_ptr
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[aoe] Create PDO within AoeBusCreate
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[driver,dummy] Move dummy device feature into dummy...
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename AoeDriverIrpDevCtl_ to AoeIrpDevCtl
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename AoeDriverIrpNotSupported_ to AoeIrpNotSupp...
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename AoeDriverIrpPnp_ to AoeIrpPnp
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename AoeDriverIrpScsi_ to AoeIrpScsi
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename AoeDriverIrpDevCtl_ to AoeIrpDevCtl
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename AoeDriverIrpSysCtl_ to AoeIrpSysCtl
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename AoeDriverIrpCreateClose_ to AoeIrpCreateClose
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename AoeDriverIrpPower_ to AoeIrpPower
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[driver,irp] Move driver__complete_irp as WvlIrpComplete
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[project] Rename Error to WvlError
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[bus] Rename WvBusGetNodeCount to WvlBusGetNodeCount
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[bus] Rename WvBusGetNodePdo to WvlBusGetNodePdo
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[bus] Rename WvBusGetNextNode to WvlBusGetNextNode
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[bus] Rename WvBusPnp and WvBusGetNodeNum
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[bus] Rename WvBusPower to WvlBusPower
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[bus] Rename WvBusSysCtl to WvlBusSysCtl
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[bus] Rename WvBusEnqueueIrp to WvlBusEnqueueIrp
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[bus] Rename WvBusCancelWorkItems to WvlBusCancelWorkItems
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[bus] Rename WvBusProcessWorkItems to WvlBusProcessWork...
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[project] Change void usage to VOID
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[project] Rename winvblock__bool back to BOOLEAN
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[project] Rename winvblock__uint16 back to UINT16
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[project] Rename winvblock__uint32 back to UINT32
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[project] Rename winvblock__uint8 back to UCHAR
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[aoe] Fix search'n'replace failures for recent commits
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename aoe__mount_disk to AOE_S_MOUNT_DISK
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename aoe__mount_disks to AOE_S_MOUNT_DISKS
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename aoe__mount_target to AOE_S_MOUNT_TARGET
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename aoe__mount_targets to AOE_S_MOUNT_TARGETS
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[header,aoe] Rename winvblock__literal* and abft
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[bus] Rename WV_S_BUS_NODE to WVL_S_BUS_NODE
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[bus] Rename WV_S_BUS_T to WVL_S_BUS_T
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[aoe] Add disks to the AoE bus
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[aoe] Process bus work items in thread
2010-12-31 Shao Miller[aoe] Use floating FDO strategy
2010-12-31 Shao Miller[aoe] Add explicit IRP dispatch, AddDevice routines
2010-12-30 Shao Miller[device] Remove unused next_sibling_ptr
2010-12-30 Shao Miller[aoe] Use node iteration strategy in AoeBusDevCtlShow
2010-12-29 Shao Miller[disk,device] Move BootDrive as Boot property
2010-12-28 Shao Miller[aoe] Fix up extern and use static bus in aoe__show
2010-12-28 Shao Miller[driver,bus] Move WvBusAddChild as WvDriverBusAddDev
2010-12-23 Shao Miller[driver] Rename Driver_CompletePendingIrp to WvDriverCo...
2010-12-21 Shao Miller[aoe] Move registry setup into new registry TU
2010-12-21 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename aoe__get_ to AoeDiskFromDev_
2010-12-21 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename globals
2010-12-21 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename aoe__target_list_ to AOE_S_TARGET_LIST_
2010-12-21 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename aoe__search_state_ to AOE_E_SEARCH_STATE_
2010-12-21 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename aoe__disk_search_ to AOE_S_DISK_SEARCH_
2010-12-21 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename aoe__work_tag_ to AOE_S_WORK_TAG_
2010-12-21 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename aoe__io_req_ to AOE_S_IO_REQ_
2010-12-21 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename aoe__packet_ to AOE_S_PACKET_
2010-12-21 Shao Miller[aoe] Rename aoe__tag_type_ to AOE_E_TAG_TYPE_