[libbus/pnp] Add check for NULL QueryDevText member
[people/sha0/winvblock.git] / src / winvblock / libbus / pnp.c
2011-01-08 Shao Miller[libbus/pnp] Add check for NULL QueryDevText member
2011-01-07 Shao Miller[libbus,driver,dummy] Don't thread the main bus
2011-01-05 Shao Miller[bus,aoe] Make threads responsible for bus FDO removal
2011-01-05 Shao Miller[libbus/pnp] Set Linked member for each node on bus...
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[libbus/pnp] Increment reference count on dev. relations
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[libbus/pnp] Disassociate a deleted FDO
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[libbus/pnp] Fix debug messages
2011-01-03 Shao Miller[libbus,driver] Move WvProbeDisks call out of bus library
2011-01-02 Shao Miller[bus->libbus] Rename bus library to libbus