[filedisk] Rename filedisk__create_threaded to WvFilediskCreateThreaded
[people/sha0/winvblock.git] / Makefile
2010-12-31 Shao Miller[util] Rename mount.c to winvblk.c
2010-04-30 Shao Miller[build] Move userland utility into subdir
2010-04-30 Shao Miller[build] Move driver loader into subdir
2010-04-30 Shao Miller[build] Move PXE NBP sources into nbp subdir
2009-08-31 Shao Miller[project] Project is now officially forked as WinVBlock
2009-08-26 Shao Miller[abstraction] Rework IRP handlers, move boot-disk probi...
2009-08-24 Shao Miller[abstraction] Several things -- see commit message
2009-07-03 Shao Miller[make_system] DOS2UNIX the main Makefile
2009-06-29 Shao Miller[repository] Initial population of WinAoE into git...