[bus] Make callers of bus__add_child responsible...
[people/sha0/winvblock.git] / src / winvblock / filedisk / filedisk.c
2010-12-09 Shao Miller[bus] Make callers of bus__add_child responsible...
2010-12-09 Shao Miller[driver,bus] Move the "boot bus" into the driver module
2010-12-07 Shao Miller[device] Remove device__free_decl macro
2010-12-07 Shao Miller[irp] Remove irp__handler_decl macro
2010-11-23 Shao Miller[project] Replace RtlZeroMemory with wv_?allocz where...
2010-11-21 Shao Miller[project] Replace ExFreePool with wv_free
2010-11-21 Shao Miller[project] Change ExAllocatePool to wv_?alloc
2010-06-13 Shao Miller[filedisk] Support hot-swapping to another file
2010-06-03 Shao Miller[filedisk] Support .ISO-on-HDD scenario
2010-06-01 Shao Miller[filedisk] Increase timeout for threaded disk processing
2010-06-01 Shao Miller[filedisk] Move filedisk__get_ptr macro into header
2010-06-01 Shao Miller[filedisk] Implement threaded filedisk creation function
2010-06-01 Shao Miller[filedisk] Add support for threaded filedisks
2010-05-31 Shao Miller[filedisk] Allow for a file offset
2010-05-30 Shao Miller[filedisk] Put in own subdir and change to library