[bus] Add WvBusGetNodePdo function
[people/sha0/winvblock.git] / src / winvblock / bus /
2010-12-30 Shao Miller[bus] Add WvBusGetNodePdo function
2010-12-30 Shao Miller[bus] Add WvBusGetNextNode function
2010-12-30 Shao Miller[bus] Add WvBusGetNodeNum function
2010-12-29 Shao Miller[bus] Remove Dev member from WV_S_BUS_T
2010-12-29 Shao Miller[bus] Don't handle IRP_MJ_PNP IRP_MN_QUERY_ID
2010-12-29 Shao Miller[bus,driver] Move WvBusPnpQueryDevText_ as WvDriverBusP...
2010-12-29 Shao Miller[bus/pnp] Remove unused local from WvBusPnpQueryDevRela...
2010-12-29 Shao Miller[bus/pnp] Remove Dev usage from WvBusPnpRemoveDev_
2010-12-29 Shao Miller[bus] Track state in WV_S_BUS_T
2010-12-29 Shao Miller[bus/pnp] Use LowerDeviceObject in WvBusPnpQueryCapabil...
2010-12-29 Shao Miller[bus] Use Fdo member instead of Dev.Self
2010-12-29 Shao Miller[bus] Remove unused WvBusDevInit_ function
2010-12-29 Shao Miller[bus] Remove unused WvBusFromDev function
2010-12-29 Shao Miller[bus,driver] Move WvBusGetDevCapabilities as WvDriverGe...
2010-12-28 Shao Miller[bus] Remove unused WvBusIrpMj_
2010-12-28 Shao Miller[bus/dev_ctl,driver] Move IRP_MJ_DEVICE_CONTROL handler
2010-12-28 Shao Miller[bus] Remove WvBusFree_ and WvBusThreadFree_
2010-12-28 Shao Miller[bus] Remove WvBusCreatePdo_
2010-12-28 Shao Miller[driver,bus] Move WvBusAddChild as WvDriverBusAddDev
2010-12-24 Shao Miller[bus/pnp] Enumerate new child PDO node devices
2010-12-24 Shao Miller[bus] Initialize child PDO node list head
2010-12-24 Shao Miller[bus/pnp] Add new child PDO node removal logic
2010-12-24 Shao Miller[bus] Add an internal-use WvBusRemoveNode_ function
2010-12-24 Shao Miller[bus/pnp] Fix IRP_MJ_ typo in debug message
2010-12-24 Shao Miller[bus/pnp] Enqueue IRP_MN_REMOVE_DEVICE
2010-12-23 Shao Miller[bus/pnp] Change functions to take bus parameter
2010-12-23 Shao Miller[bus,driver] Put bus IRP_MJ_PNP handler in driver
2010-12-23 Shao Miller[bus,driver] Put bus IRP_MJ_POWER handler in driver
2010-12-23 Shao Miller[bus,driver] Put bus IRP_MJ_SYSTEM_CONTROL handler...
2010-12-23 Shao Miller[bus] Add child PDO node unit number logic
2010-12-21 Shao Miller[project,bus] Two commits: #inclusion and bus freeing
2010-12-21 Shao Miller[bus] Put the device right in the bus
2010-12-20 Shao Miller[disk] Rename device member to Dev
2010-12-20 Shao Miller[disk] Rename disk__type to WV_S_DISK_T
2010-12-20 Shao Miller[device] Many more cosmetic changes
2010-12-20 Shao Miller[device] Many cosmetic changes
2010-12-20 Shao Miller[probe] Minor, cosmetic touch-ups
2010-12-20 Shao Miller[bus/pnp,dev_ctl] Rename functions
2010-12-20 Shao Miller[bus/pnp] Enqueue IRP_MN_QUERY_DEVICE_RELATIONS IRP
2010-12-20 Shao Miller[bus] Fix the thread stop condition
2010-12-20 Shao Miller[bus] Introduce WvBusEnqueueIrp function
2010-12-19 Shao Miller[bus] Minor cosmetic touch-ups
2010-12-19 Shao Miller[bus] Rename bus__thread_ to WvBusThread_
2010-12-19 Shao Miller[bus] Rename bus__thread_free_ to WvBusThreadFree_
2010-12-19 Shao Miller[bus] Rename bus__init_ to WvBusDevInit_
2010-12-19 Shao Miller[bus] Rename bus__irp_mj to WvBusIrpMj_
2010-12-19 Shao Miller[bus] Rename bus__get_work_item_ to WvBusGetWorkItem_
2010-12-19 Shao Miller[bus] Rename bus__add_work_item_ to WvBusAddWorkItem_
2010-12-19 Shao Miller[bus] Rename bus__default_thread_ to WvBusDefaultThread_
2010-12-19 Shao Miller[bus] Remove undefined function declaration
2010-12-19 Shao Miller[bus] Rename bus__sys_ctl_ to WvBusSysCtl_
2010-12-19 Shao Miller[bus] Rename bus__power_ to WvBusPower_
2010-12-19 Shao Miller[bus] Rename bus__create_pdo_ to WvBusCreatePdo_
2010-12-19 Shao Miller[bus] Rename bus__free_ to WvBusFree_
2010-12-19 Shao Miller[bus] Rename bus_pnp__dispatch to WvBusPnpDispatch
2010-12-19 Shao Miller[bus] Rename bus_dev_ctl__dispatch to WvBusDevCtlDispatch
2010-12-19 Shao Miller[bus] Remove unused member SpinLock
2010-12-19 Shao Miller[bus] Introduce WvBusCancelWorkItems
2010-12-19 Shao Miller[bus] Use Stop member instead of Thread for thread...
2010-12-19 Shao Miller[bus] Rename member thread to Thread
2010-12-19 Shao Miller[bus] Move work_items and work_items_lock as private
2010-12-19 Shao Miller[bus] Remove members dev_name and dos_dev_name
2010-12-19 Shao Miller[bus] Move member prev_free to BusPrivate_.PrevFree
2010-12-19 Shao Miller[bus] Rename device member to Dev
2010-12-19 Shao Miller[bus] Rename bus__start_thread to WvBusStartThread
2010-12-19 Shao Miller[bus] Rename bus__process_work_items to WvBusProcessWor...
2010-12-19 Shao Miller[bus] Rename bus__get to WvBusFromDev
2010-12-17 Shao Miller[bus] Rename bus__add_child to WvBusAddChild
2010-12-17 Shao Miller[bus] Rename bus__create to WvBusCreate
2010-12-17 Shao Miller[bus] Rename bus__init to WvBusInit
2010-12-17 Shao Miller[bus] Rename bus__get_dev_capabilities to WvBusGetDevCa...
2010-12-17 Shao Miller[bus] Rename bus__thread_func to WV_F_BUS_THREAD
2010-12-17 Shao Miller[bus] Rename bus__type to WV_S_BUS_T
2010-12-17 Shao Miller[device,bus] Fix sizeof use in initialization
2010-12-17 Shao Miller[bus] Introduce PDO node addition/removal functions
2010-12-16 Shao Miller[bus] Add bus__init for initializing to defaults
2010-12-16 Shao Miller[bus,device] Allow for threaded PDO creation on a bus
2010-12-15 Shao Miller[bus] Let a threaded bus free itself
2010-12-15 Shao Miller[bus,driver] Introduce bus threading
2010-12-15 Shao Miller[bus] Introduce work item queue and processing
2010-12-14 Shao Miller[bus/pnp,disk/pnp,aoe] Get AoE sub-bus to work
2010-12-13 Shao Miller[irp,aoe] Remove mini IRP handling scheme
2010-12-13 Shao Miller[project] Don't use mini IRP handling for IRP_MJ_PNP
2010-12-13 Shao Miller[project] Don't use mini IRP handling for IRP_MJ_SCSI
2010-12-13 Shao Miller[project] Don't use mini IRP handling for IRP_MJ_DEVICE...
2010-12-13 Shao Miller[project] Don't use mini IRP handling for IRP_MJ_SYSTEM...
2010-12-13 Shao Miller[project] Don't use mini IRP handling for IRP_MJ_CREATE...
2010-12-13 Shao Miller[project] Don't use mini IRP handling for IRP_MJ_POWER
2010-12-13 Shao Miller[bus] Minor cosmetic changes
2010-12-13 Shao Miller[bus/pnp] Rename Bus_IoCompletionRoutine to bus_pnp__io...
2010-12-13 Shao Miller[bus] Rename power function to bus__power_
2010-12-13 Shao Miller[bus] Handle PnP ID queries
2010-12-12 Shao Miller[disk,device] Move disk__type::DiskNumber to device__ty...
2010-12-12 Shao Miller[bus/dev_ctl] Minor cosmetic changes
2010-12-12 Shao Miller[bus] Rename bus__type::first_child_ptr to first_child
2010-12-11 Shao Miller[device] Don't use winvblock__def_struct for device__type
2010-12-11 Shao Miller[device] Don't use winvblock__def_enum for device__state
2010-12-11 Shao Miller[bus,driver] Move attach_fdo into driver module
2010-12-11 Shao Miller[bus] Rename sys_ctl to bus__sys_ctl_
2010-12-09 Shao Miller[bus] Make callers of bus__add_child responsible...