2008-10-09 H. Peter AnvinNow working on version 3.73; update NEWS
2008-10-09 H. Peter AnvingPXE: build with NO_WERROR=1
2008-10-01 H. Peter AnvingPXE: merge gPXE 0.9.5
2008-09-26 H. Peter AnvinUpdate gPXE to version 0.9.4
2008-09-26 H. Peter AnvinRemove line-leading gas-style comments in files compile...
2008-09-26 H. Peter Anvinsetjmp.S: use C-style comments
2008-09-25 H. Peter AnvinFix "make clean" confusion
2008-09-25 H. Peter Anvincom32/lib: fix "make clean" by proper parens for "find"
2008-09-25 H. Peter AnvingPXE: remove the gPXE contrib directory
2008-09-25 H. Peter AnvinUpdate gPXE
2008-09-22 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: document "menu default" fix.
2008-09-22 H. Peter Anvinsimple menu: make "menu default" work after "menu begin"
2008-09-16 Sebastian HerbsztNEWS: trivial fixes
2008-09-10 H. Peter AnvinAdd Tab display of labels
2008-09-10 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: document ^G -> beep
2008-09-10 H. Peter Anvinansicon, vesacon: beep on ^G
2008-09-09 H. Peter Anvinsdi.txt: fix formatting of pxelinux.cfg example
2008-09-09 Remi LefevreAdd basic documentation to SDI images boot
2008-09-09 Sebastian Herbsztparsecmd: show keyword in err_noparm message
2008-09-09 H. Peter Anvinmenu: quiet warnings in drain_keyboard()
2008-09-09 H. Peter Anvinsdi.c32: Change SDIReserved -> MDBType
2008-09-09 Remi Lefevresdi.c32: verify the header checksum
2008-09-09 H. Peter Anvinmbr, gptmbr, isohdpfx: don't lose the carry flag
2008-09-09 H. Peter Anvinisolinux: save a few bytes
2008-09-09 H. Peter Anvinisohdpfx: save one byte
2008-09-09 H. Peter AnvinMakefile: add isohybrid as an IOBJECT
2008-09-08 H. Peter Anvinisolinux: save a few bytes to make sure we actually fit
2008-09-08 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: document gdb stub
2008-09-08 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'stefanha/gdbstub'
2008-09-08 H. Peter Anvinmbr/Makefile: run checksize on the proper binaries...
2008-09-08 H. Peter AnvingPXE: enable NFS, FTP, HTTPS
2008-09-08 H. Peter AnvingPXE: update gPXE to current git
2008-09-08 H. Peter Anvinisohybrid: remove Perl modules we don't actually need
2008-09-08 H. Peter Anvinisohybrid: verify we have a hybrid-compatible isolinux.bin
2008-09-08 H. Peter Anvinisohybrid, mkdiskimage: don't use sysopen(), sysread()
2008-09-06 H. Peter Anvinisolinux: display BIOS type
2008-09-05 H. Peter Anvinisohybrid: fix partition table generation, document
2008-09-05 H. Peter AnvinISOLINUX: document hybrid mode
2008-09-05 H. Peter AnvinISOLINUX: fix EBIOS information passing in hybrid HDD...
2008-09-05 H. Peter AnvinISOLINUX: support for hybrid mode (CD-ROM/USB key)
2008-09-05 H. Peter Anvincore/Makefile: iso%.bin depends on
2008-09-05 H. Peter Anvinchecksumiso: pad isolinux.bin to a sector boundary
2008-09-04 H. Peter Anvinkeytab-lilo: don't try to be too smart
2008-09-02 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: update NEWS (sdi.c32, ISOLINUX fix)
2008-09-02 H. Peter Anvinisolinux: return failure when opening a zero-length...
2008-09-02 H. Peter Anvinsdi.c32: credit where credit is due
2008-09-02 H. Peter Anvinsdi.c32: support gzipped SDI images
2008-08-30 Stefan HajnocziFix GDB protocol flow control issues
2008-08-29 Sebastian HerbsztMakefile: add modules to BSUBDIRS
2008-08-29 Stefan HajnocziAdd GDB stub
2008-08-28 Stefan HajnocziRelocating COM32 module
2008-08-27 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: update for 3.72
2008-08-27 H. Peter AnvinAdd; new modules direction; reorganize...
2008-08-26 H. Peter Anvinmenu: avoid leaving obvious password turds in memory
2008-08-22 H. Peter Anvincore/Makefile: The core is an embedded target
2008-08-22 H. Peter AnvinClean up embedded Makefile targets; fix build failure
2008-08-20 H. Peter AnvinMajor Makefile cleanups; gcc 4.3.0 compatiblity
2008-08-15 H. Peter AnvinMEMDISK: document the pause option
2008-08-12 Sebastian Herbsztpci: fix pci_scan()
2008-08-12 Sebastian Herbsztpci: cosmetic fixes
2008-08-12 H. Peter Anvinpci: revamp the PCI system to have a hierarchial format
2008-08-12 H. Peter Anvinctype.h: change extern inline to static inline
2008-08-12 H. Peter Anvinstdio.h: change fflush() from "extern inline" to "stati...
2008-08-12 H. Peter Anvincom32: compile with -std=gnu99
2008-08-12 H. Peter Anvinstdio.h: revamp fread/fwrite to make gcc less unhappy
2008-08-12 H. Peter AnvinMerge updated version of the gPXE code
2008-08-11 H. Peter AnvinFix lrand48() and rand()
2008-08-07 H. Peter AnvinAdd to .gitignore
2008-08-01 H. Peter Anvincom32/lib: add zalloc()
2008-08-01 H. Peter Anvinpci: inlines for extracting part of a PCI device address
2008-08-01 H. Peter Anvinpci: store device address
2008-08-01 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'origin/for-3.72'
2008-08-01 H. Peter Anvinversion: bump version number
2008-08-01 H. Peter AnvinDocument search for MinGW
2008-08-01 H. Peter AnvinDocument remaining fixes.
2008-07-31 H. Peter Anvinchain.c32: error out on missing boot sector signature
2008-07-24 H. Peter Anvinklibc/compiler.h: add __weak macro
2008-07-24 H. Peter Anvinklibc/compiler.h: booleanize likely/unlikely
2008-07-22 H. Peter AnvinSimplify and fix label string scanning
2008-07-22 Sebastian Herbsztparseconfig, ui: store the label name unmangled
2008-07-22 Sergey Vlasovcore/ remove dead code
2008-07-22 Sergey VlasovFix initrd overwriting the kernel for some kernel sizes
2008-07-22 Sergey VlasovFix loading of *.lkrn images from gPXE
2008-07-22 H. Peter Anvinvesamenu: avoid strcmp() with NULL
2008-07-20 Sebastian Herbsztpci: resize pci_device arrays
2008-07-20 Sebastian Herbsztethersel: use library functions
2008-07-17 H. Peter AnvinDocument SERIAL fix
2008-07-17 H. Peter AnvinCorrectly parse "serial" statements with no baud rate
2008-07-17 H. Peter Anvinwin32: run shell script in the current dir with ./
2008-07-17 Sebastian Herbsztisolinux: rename CurDir to CurrentDir
2008-07-17 H. Peter Anvin<sys/cpu.h>: asm() formatting cleanup
2008-07-17 H. Peter Anvin<sys/cpu.h>: drop redundant "return"
2008-07-17 H. Peter Anvincom32: move cpuid inlines to <sys/cpu.h>
2008-07-17 H. Peter Anvinwin32: search for a mingw compiler under several names
2008-07-16 H. Peter Anvinifcpu64.c32: clean up the sources
2008-07-16 H. Peter Anvincpuid.h: add __constfunc
2008-07-16 H. Peter Anvincpufeature.h: remove unused macros
2008-07-16 H. Peter Anvinifcpu64.c32: simple module to choose a 32, 32pae, or...
2008-07-16 H. Peter Anvincpuid.[ch]: various cleanups
2008-07-16 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: document ADV CBIOS fix.