2009-05-05 H. Peter Anvinload_linux.c: when relocating, need to update code32_start
2009-05-05 H. Peter Anvinload_linux.c: add missing header file
2009-05-05 H. Peter Anvinlinux.c32: cap the stack pointer to 0xfff0
2009-05-05 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: document linux.c32 fix.
2009-05-05 H. Peter Anvinshuffler: fix setting up esp in real-mode shuffles
2009-05-04 Sebastian Herbsztpoweroff: add copyright notice
2009-05-04 H. Peter AnvinNext version will probably be 3.81
2009-05-04 H. Peter Anvincore: remove vestiges of using nasm -f bin
2009-05-04 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: drop plans for a 3.76 release
2009-05-04 H. Peter AnvinDocument poweroff module.
2009-05-04 Sebastian Herbsztpoweroff COMBOOT module
2009-05-04 H. Peter Anvinmboot: handle ELF Multiboot kernel where paddr != vaddr
2009-05-03 H. Peter Anvinshuffler: when looking for temporary memory, it has...
2009-05-03 H. Peter Anvinmovebits: make the user-space test cases slightly easier
2009-05-03 H. Peter Anvinshuffler: correctly handle one-to-many relationships
2009-05-03 H. Peter Anvinshuffle: align the shuffle safe area
2009-05-03 H. Peter Anvinsyslinux_dump_memmap(): make it easier to spot errors
2009-05-02 H. Peter Anvinsyslinux_add_memmap(): fix failures at address zero...
2009-05-02 H. Peter Anvinmboot: align the stack to a 16-byte boundary
2009-05-02 H. Peter Anvinmboot: move setting regs.eax to mboot_run()
2009-05-02 H. Peter Anvinmboot: move map initialization out of map_image()
2009-05-02 H. Peter when looking for whitespace in kernel names...
2009-05-02 Sebastian Herbsztpxechain: remove unused ipaddrbuf
2009-05-02 Sebastian Herbsztcore: make vk_rname default to mangled vk_vname
2009-05-01 H. Peter Anvingfxboot: increase bss alignment to 4K
2009-05-01 H. Peter Anvingfxboot: align buffers and move them into bss
2009-05-01 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: document isohybrid fix
2009-05-01 Pascal Terjanisohybrid: preserve MBR id in isohybrid
2009-05-01 Pascal Terjanisohybrid: support iso images over 2GB
2009-04-30 H. Peter AnvinDocument boot-once fix.
2009-04-30 H. Peter AnvinADV: EDD "write with verify" is AL=01h or AL=02h, not...
2009-04-30 H. Peter Anvincmenu: add .gitignore file
2009-04-30 H. Peter Anvinmboot: disable DEBUG
2009-04-30 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: update
2009-04-30 H. Peter Anvinlinux.c32: move handling of mem= and vga= into the...
2009-04-29 H. Peter Anvincore: make localboot another vkernel type
2009-04-29 H. Peter Anvinshuffle_pm: remove unused variables and includes
2009-04-29 H. Peter Anvinmemscan: use the contents of the ebda_seg, not the...
2009-04-29 H. Peter Anvinmboot: silence warning
2009-04-29 H. Peter AnvinMakefile: drop references to "make depend"
2009-04-29 H. Peter Anvinmboot: include module filenames in the command line
2009-04-28 H. Peter AnvinFix NASM dependency generation
2009-04-28 H. Peter AnvinUnify dependency generation: MCONFIG.embedded
2009-04-28 H. Peter AnvinUnify dependency generation: com32/lib, com32/cmenu
2009-04-28 H. Peter AnvinUnify dependency generation
2009-04-27 H. Peter Anvinrllpack: make all pointers 32 bits wide
2009-04-27 H. Peter Anvinmemscan: correctly handle the DOS memory fallback case
2009-04-27 H. Peter Anvinbcopyxx: clear all flags before jumping to the successo...
2009-04-27 H. Peter Anvinbcopyxx: align the relocated code to a 16-byte boundary
2009-04-27 H. Peter Anvinmboot: add header guards; use <inttypes.h>; formatting...
2009-04-27 H. Peter Anvinmboot/solaris.c: fix failure case; correct copyright...
2009-04-27 H. Peter Anvinmboot: reimplement the Solaris DHCP hack, add compliant...
2009-04-27 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: add updates for 3.80
2009-04-27 H. Peter AnvinMerge branch 'syslinux-3.7x'
2009-04-27 H. Peter AnvinRemove the old mboot module
2009-04-27 H. Peter Anvinmboot: fix cmdline; a few more layout tweaks
2009-04-26 H. Peter Anvinmboot: skip --- marker; decompress all files
2009-04-26 H. Peter Anvinmboot: make sure we actually succeed when we finished
2009-04-26 H. Peter Anvincom32/MCONFIG: generate dependency files by default
2009-04-26 H. Peter Anvinmboot: set up a stack even though the spec doesn't...
2009-04-26 H. Peter AnvinFirst attempt at a rewritten mboot module
2009-04-26 H. Peter AnvinNEWS, version: prepare for a 3.76 release
2009-04-26 H. Peter AnvinMerge branch 'syslinux-3.7x'
2009-04-26 Steffen WinterfeldtISOLINUX: set directory length correctly
2009-04-24 H. Peter Anvinpxelinux: fix minor bugs
2009-04-23 H. Peter Anvinshuffle_rm: clean up the trampoline generator with...
2009-04-23 H. Peter Anvinshuffle_rm: set up SS:ESP and segs as quickly as possible
2009-04-23 Erwan Veluhdt: fix conflict
2009-04-23 Erwan VeluMerge branch 'master' of git://git./boot/syslinux/sysli...
2009-04-23 Erwan Veluhdt: 0.3.1
2009-04-23 Pierre-Alexandre... Merge commit 'mouraf/for-erwan' into for-erwan
2009-04-22 H. Peter Anvina20: advance A20Test by a large, prime number
2009-04-21 H. Peter Anvina20: remove DO_WBINVD configurable
2009-04-21 H. Peter Anvina20: inline io_delay
2009-04-21 H. Peter Anvina20: A20Test is now a dword
2009-04-21 H. Peter Anvina20: try to avoid io_delay if A20 is already enabled
2009-04-20 H. Peter AnvinGlobal whitespace cleanup.
2009-04-19 H. Peter Anvincore: remove references to MDSLINUX
2009-04-19 H. Peter Anvincore: merge the startup code for disk-based derivatives
2009-04-19 Erwan Veluhdt: removing useless more_printf
2009-04-19 Erwan Veluhdt: removing useless more_printf
2009-04-19 Erwan Veluhdt: more_printf was eating a line
2009-04-19 Erwan Veluhdt: MAC Address should only be displayed on the PXE...
2009-04-19 Erwan Veluhdt: fixing typo
2009-04-19 Erwan Veluhdt: Cleaning dmi chassis asset tag output
2009-04-19 Erwan Veluhdt: removing multiple spaces
2009-04-18 Erwan Veluhdt: moving contact adress to the mailing list
2009-04-18 Pierre-Alexandre... hdt: Add VPD menu item
2009-04-17 Pierre-Alexandre... hdt: Add vpd mode (CLI)
2009-04-17 Pierre-Alexandre... Merge commit 'erwan/master' into for-erwan
2009-04-17 Pierre-Alexandre... hdt: Get rid of nb_modules in struct cli_module_descr
2009-04-17 Sebastian Herbszthdt: fix format string warnings
2009-04-17 Sebastian Herbsztcom32: remove unused variables
2009-04-17 H. Peter Anvinbcopyxx: when going to 16-bit PM, might as well do...
2009-04-16 Pierre-Alexandre... hdt: Get rid of MAX_MODES
2009-04-16 Erwan Veluhdt: removing useless clear_screen
2009-04-16 Erwan Veluhdt: Improving more_printf & clear_screen management
2009-04-16 Erwan Veluhdt: Fixing wrong printf calls
2009-04-16 Erwan Veluhdt: Adding reset_more_printf()
2009-04-16 Erwan Veluhdt: menu should be 80x25