2009-04-13 Erwan VeluMerge branch 'for-erwan' of ssh://erwan@terminus.zytor...
2009-04-11 Pierre-Alexandre... hdt: DEL must be handle as BACKSPACE
2009-04-11 Pierre-Alexandre... Merge branch 'master' into for-erwan
2009-04-11 Erwan VeluMerge branch 'for-erwan' of ssh://erwan@terminus.zytor...
2009-04-11 Pierre-Alexandre... Merge commit 'hdt-erwan/master' into for-erwan
2009-04-10 Erwan VeluVPD: Adding the Virtual Product Data detection
2009-04-09 Erwan Veluhdt: Fixing typo. Thx to dag.
2009-04-09 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'syslinux-3.74'
2009-04-09 Christophe... gfxboot: parse DEFAULT keywork in syslinux config file
2009-04-08 H. Peter AnvinCall the next version 3.80
2009-04-08 H. Peter AnvinMerge branch 'new-shuffler'
2009-04-08 Sebastian Herbszthdt: clear memtest_label
2009-04-08 H. Peter Anvincom32: the keyboard map size is in CX not in DX
2009-04-08 Sebastian Herbsztgfxboot module: fix copyright notice
2009-04-07 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: document
2009-04-07 Sebastian HerbsztGfxboot COMBOOT module
2009-04-06 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'hdt/master'
2009-04-06 H. Peter AnvinAdd back "install: all" to the com32 devel directories
2009-04-06 H. Peter AnvinMakefiles: try to make "make install" do the right...
2009-04-06 H. Peter AnvinImplement MENU SAVE; fix COM32 setadv function
2009-04-06 H. Peter Anvincore: unbreak "make depend", fix make spotless
2009-04-06 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: document cmdline fix
2009-04-06 H. Peter Anvinipappend: clean up ipappend code; add ipappend to plain...
2009-04-06 Erwan Veluhdt: Don't display unsupported modes
2009-04-04 Omair EschkenaziProvide a shared MIME file for the LSS16 image format
2009-04-04 H. Peter Anvinsyslinux.ld: fix comment syntax
2009-04-04 H. Peter Anvinmemscan: adjust lower limit; saner handling of insane...
2009-04-04 H. Peter AnvinMerge branch 'master' into new-shuffler
2009-04-04 H. Peter Anvinmemscan: protect 0-0x7c00 until the new shuffler is...
2009-04-04 H. Peter AnvinMakefile: install new MBR variants; NEWS: document
2009-04-04 H. Peter Anvinmemdisk: fix comment syntax in memdisk.ld
2009-04-04 H. Peter AnvinMerge branch 'ctrl-mbr'
2009-04-04 H. Peter Anvinmbr: generate normal versions, force-80 versions, and...
2009-04-04 H. Peter AnvinUpdate copyright notices
2009-04-04 H. Peter AnvinUpdate copyright notices
2009-04-04 H. Peter AnvinMerge branch 'master' into new-shuffler
2009-04-04 H. Peter AnvinUpdate copyright notices; add Intel notices where appro...
2009-04-04 Erwan Veluhdt: DEL must be handle as BACKSPACE
2009-04-03 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'hdt/master'
2009-04-03 H. Peter Anvinlinux.c32: don't relocate the real-mode code *above...
2009-04-03 H. Peter Anvinlinux.c32: make load_linux() support relocation
2009-04-03 H. Peter Anvincom32: add _t to scan_memory_callback
2009-04-03 H. Peter Anvincom32: merge all memory map discovery to one file
2009-04-03 Erwan Veluhdt: Adding exit menu in menu mode
2009-04-03 Erwan Veluhdt: Fixing aligment in about menu
2009-04-03 Erwan Veluhdt: Fixing author name
2009-04-02 Erwan Veluhdt: cursor pos must be uint
2009-04-02 Erwan Veluhdt: Implement DEL behavior in cli mode
2009-04-02 Erwan VeluMerge branch 'for-erwan' of ssh://erwan@terminus.zytor...
2009-04-02 Pierre-Alexandre... hdt: Trim spaces in the parser
2009-04-02 Erwan VeluMerge branch 'for-erwan' of ssh://erwan@terminus.zytor...
2009-04-02 Pierre-Alexandre... hdt: Autocomplete modes
2009-04-02 Pierre-Alexandre... hdt: Fix !!! BUG when exiting
2009-04-01 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: document new com32 memory management
2009-04-01 H. Peter Anvincom32: fix the argument order
2009-04-01 H. Peter Anvincom32: make memory beyond the core HighMem available...
2009-04-01 H. Peter AnvinNEWS: fix typo
2009-04-01 H. Peter Anvinshuffler: zero-extend the proper register for shuffle...
2009-04-01 H. Peter Anvinshuffler: use lss for real-mode return in simple_pm_call
2009-04-01 H. Peter Anvinshuffler: minor cleanups in
2009-04-01 H. Peter Anvinshuffler: reload EDI, ESI, ECX before calling shuffle_a...
2009-04-01 H. Peter Anvinshuffler: fix infinite loop in syslinux_memmap_find()
2009-04-01 H. Peter Anvinchain.c32: remove misleading comment
2009-04-01 H. Peter Anvinshuffle: use SMT_RESERVED for the forbidden region
2009-03-31 H. Peter Anvinchain.c32: remove loadbase < 0x7c00 hack
2009-03-31 H. Peter Anvinshuffler: make the new shuffler actually work
2009-03-31 Erwan Veluhdt: Adding lib-ansi to manage ansi escape codes
2009-03-31 H. Peter Anvinshuffler: comboot interface to the new shuffler
2009-03-31 H. Peter AnvinBanner: "and contributors" is just too long; try "et al"
2009-03-31 H. Peter Anvinshuffer: make the new shuffler not pollute unrelated...
2009-03-31 H. Peter Anvinshuffler: first cut of a simpler shuffle routine
2009-03-31 H. Peter Anvinaltmbr: an alternative MBR which ignores the active...
2009-03-31 H. Peter Anvinmbr/*.S: use a symbolic constant for BIOS_kbdflags
2009-03-31 H. Peter Anvinmbr/*.S: if Ctrl is pressed, force the drive number...
2009-03-30 H. Peter AnvinFix the new kernel command-line parser
2009-03-30 H. Peter Anvinmemdisk: Int13FuncsCnt is a constant, not a memory...
2009-03-30 Erwan Veluhdt: skip_spaces is requires for completion
2009-03-30 Erwan Veluhdt: renaming skipspace to remove_spaces
2009-03-30 Pierre-Alexandre... hdt: Don't print "Flags :" when there is no cpu flags
2009-03-30 Pierre-Alexandre... hdt: Fix cpu summary alignment
2009-03-30 Pierre-Alexandre... hdt: NULLify autocomplete_tail on destroy
2009-03-30 Pierre-Alexandre... hdt: Add "menu" command
2009-03-30 Pierre-Alexandre... hdt: Execute default callback only if no module is...
2009-03-30 Pierre-Alexandre... hdt: Add "?" alias for help
2009-03-30 Pierre-Alexandre... hdt: Add show_modes
2009-03-29 Pierre-Alexandre... hdt: Add autocompletion support
2009-03-29 Erwan Velupci: Rename get_module_name_from_pci_ids
2009-03-29 Pierre-Alexandre... hdt: Missing include for getkey
2009-03-27 Erwan Veluhdt: prevent unless disk's menu
2009-03-27 Erwan Veluhdt: Converting printf to more_printf
2009-03-27 Erwan Veluhdt: Adding memtest= boot parameter
2009-03-27 Erwan Veluhdt: Adding PXE information on the booted pci device
2009-03-27 Erwan Veluhdt: Adding PXE information on the booted pci device
2009-03-27 Erwan Veludoc: Adding more initrd details
2009-03-27 Erwan Veludoc: Fixing typo
2009-03-26 Erwan Veluhdt: Fixing modules count for hdt mode
2009-03-26 Erwan Veluhdt: Updating author name
2009-03-26 Erwan Veluhdt: bump version to 0.2.7
2009-03-26 Erwan VeluMerge commit 'origin/repair'
2009-03-26 Erwan Veluhdt: in the cli, we have to Skip empty lines