gfxboot: only call gfxboot core if labels are specified
[people/sha0/syslinux.git] / modules / gfxboot.asm
2009-07-18 Sebastian Herbsztgfxboot: only call gfxboot core if labels are specified
2009-07-18 Sebastian Herbsztgfxboot: display error message if bootlogo file not...
2009-07-18 Sebastian Herbsztgfxboot: change handling of keywords
2009-05-01 H. Peter Anvingfxboot: increase bss alignment to 4K
2009-05-01 H. Peter Anvingfxboot: align buffers and move them into bss
2009-04-13 Erwan VeluMerge branch 'for-erwan' of ssh://erwan@terminus.zytor...
2009-04-11 Pierre-Alexandre... Merge branch 'master' into for-erwan
2009-04-09 H. Peter AnvinMerge commit 'syslinux-3.74'
2009-04-09 Christophe Fergeaugfxboot: parse DEFAULT keywork in syslinux config file
2009-04-08 H. Peter AnvinMerge branch 'new-shuffler'
2009-04-08 Sebastian Herbsztgfxboot module: fix copyright notice
2009-04-07 Sebastian HerbsztGfxboot COMBOOT module