Boot Ubuntu over Network!!!


We want to provide ability to boot and/or install any version of Ubuntu over Internet with single and small (56Kb) image of gpxe from the closest Ubuntu mirror.

How to use it?

  1. Download the gpxe image as per your need. (gpxe.dsk, gpxe.usb, gpxe.iso).
  2. Put the downloaded image on floppy, USB or CDROM.
    Please read How to use gpxe section in for more details.
  3. Boot from the mediam above.
  4. Select the best mirror for you.
  5. Select the version of Ubuntu to boot.
  6. Boot the system.


Download the gpxe images from here.

Selecting Best Mirror

Automatic mirror selection should help you by presenting mirrors only from your country. Mostly the closest mirror should be best for you, but if closest mirror does not have good bandwidth then it is better to go for higher bandwidth mirror instead of closest. Feel free to use Manual Mirror selection if you want to play around.


You can find the git repository of this code here.

Future Work

If you find any bug or have any question, then feel free to mail me on id shindepravin [at] gmail[dot]com.