2009-12-26 Pravin ShindeFixed DNS issues with ubuntu-9.10 master
2009-12-26 Pravin ShindeUbuntu 9.10 booting over HTTP without much problems
2009-12-06 Pravin ShindeFixed to work with stable karmic...
2009-12-06 Pravin Shindechanged files as per latest release of karmic kolaha
2009-11-18 Pravin ShindeAdded basic infrastructure for supporting Ubuntu 9.10
2009-09-26 Pravin ShindeFixed the iscsifs issue with ubuntu
2009-09-26 Pravin ShindeAdded Proper DNS support to debian
2009-09-25 Pravin ShindeFixed small problem with Makefile
2009-09-25 Pravin Shindeadded gpxe.lkrn target to Makefile
2009-09-25 Pravin ShindeImproved the Makefile to have targets for gpxe.pxe...
2009-09-15 Pravin Shindefixed small bug in
2009-09-15 Pravin ShindeImproved the Developer.html page
2009-09-15 Pravin ShindeFixed the download_initramfs_image_http script
2009-09-15 John 'Warthog9... Updating the PXE Knife Ref to a newer version
2009-09-15 John 'Warthog9... Adding all of the 'defaults' to the gui menu so that...
2009-09-15 John 'Warthog9... Adding a link to the OS installers from the root menu
2009-09-12 Pravin Shindesmall change in config
2009-09-12 Pravin Shindesmall change in config file
2009-09-12 Pravin Shindefixed small problem with configure_BKO script
2009-09-12 Pravin ShindeFixed path related problems which were stopping bko...
2009-09-12 John 'Warthog9... Merge branch 'warthog9'
2009-09-11 Pravin Shindefixed small issue with
2009-09-11 Pravin Shindefew more improvements in configure file
2009-09-11 Pravin Shindefixed few problems in configure file
2009-09-11 Pravin ShindeAdded the mailing list info on contact us
2009-09-11 Pravin ShindeFixed the menus in live
2009-09-11 John 'Warthog9... Makefile & config overhaul
2009-09-11 John 'Warthog9... Want to move gpxe.git to gpxe to match the other includes
2009-09-11 John 'Warthog9... More random changes to the menuing system
2009-09-10 John 'Warthog9... Adding in the background graphics and doing some basic...
2009-09-10 John 'Warthog9... Adding symlink for pxeknife
2009-09-10 John 'Warthog9... PXEKNIFE - Updating PXE Knife to latest bugfix
2009-09-10 John 'Warthog9... removing extraneous D directory
2009-09-10 John 'Warthog9... adding symlink for default config file to root director...
2009-09-10 John 'Warthog9... Finishing up the undoing of the url shortening.
2009-09-10 John 'Warthog9... PXE Knife should *NOT* be stored in this tree, in fact...
2009-09-10 John 'Warthog9... Move debian into the live directory under debian. ...
2009-09-10 John 'Warthog9... Moving stuff into a sub-directory to help clean this...
2009-09-09 John 'Warthog9... Removing the c32 modules, memdisk or pxelinux.0 we...
2009-09-09 John 'Warthog9... Adding syslinux, since we need that too
2009-09-09 John 'Warthog9... Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2009-09-09 John 'Warthog9... Adding PXE Knife as a sub module since this will have...
2009-09-09 Pravin ShindeAdded static ip support to debian live.
2009-09-09 John 'Warthog9... Adding gpxe as a sub module instead of trying to use...
2009-09-09 Pravin ShindeImproved debian live initramfs image to work without...
2009-09-02 Pravin ShindeRemoved the squashfs options
2009-08-24 Pravin Shindeimproved the index and faq page
2009-08-16 Pravin Shindemodified install_scripts to support knoppix6
2009-08-16 Pravin ShindeRemoved the timeout option from syslinux menu
2009-08-15 Pravin Shindeadded knoppix 6 with httpfs support
2009-08-15 Pravin Shindemodified ubuntu boot menu to work properly with rom
2009-08-14 Pravin ShindeAdded ubuntu iscsi support
2009-08-11 Pravin Shindeimproved the iscsi support for debian
2009-08-10 Pravin Shindemodified pxelinux.0 which can pass DNS entry also :-)
2009-08-10 Pravin Shindeadded remote iscsi support,
2009-08-08 Pravin Shindemodified the target name of debian
2009-08-07 Pravin ShindeFixed the Path problem with
2009-08-07 Pravin Shindeimproved initramfs of debian to suit
2009-07-29 Pravin ShindeImproved the Developer.html page
2009-07-28 Pravin Shindefixed few probs with boot menu
2009-07-28 Pravin ShindeModified the install_help scripts to support the new...
2009-07-28 Pravin ShindeReorganized the entire structure of git
2009-07-28 Pravin Shindeimproved the /etc/resolv.conf file with two entries
2009-07-28 Pravin ShindeImproved the menu to have only one entry
2009-07-27 Pravin Shindeadded mkdir -p to
2009-07-27 Pravin Shindefixed the problem of
2009-07-27 Pravin Shindefixed the problem of
2009-07-27 Pravin Shindemodified Developer page with installation instructions
2009-07-27 Pravin ShindeOrganized and added few more installation help scripts
2009-07-27 Pravin Shindeaddes script for pushing initramfs from one machine...
2009-07-27 Pravin Shindehad forgotten dsl.iso, now added to
2009-07-27 Pravin Shindesmall improvment, will create "ISO...
2009-07-27 Pravin ShindeAdded help script for installtions
2009-07-27 Pravin ShindeFixed small problem in gpxe deployment
2009-07-27 Pravin Shindeseperated conf generation and image generation
2009-07-27 Pravin ShindeFixed the bug caused by missing copy statement in deplo...
2009-07-27 Pravin ShindeCompleted the deployment script,
2009-07-27 Pravin Shindefixed the problem with ubuntu
2009-07-24 Pravin ShindeModified ubuntu to work with iscsi
2009-07-24 Pravin ShindeAdded iscsi support to debian
2009-07-22 Pravin Shindeadded NFS boot support for fedora live 11
2009-07-17 Pravin Shindeadded ISO support to debian
2009-07-16 Pravin Shindecontext sensitive help
2009-07-16 Pravin ShindeModified BKOStylesteet.css to support faq properly
2009-07-16 Pravin ShindeAdded Troubleshooting page generated by
2009-07-16 Pravin ShindeAdded auto generated FAQ
2009-07-13 Pravin ShindeAdded margin to BKO site and added single mode to rom...
2009-07-09 Pravin ShindeDebian is working fine for image.squashfs mounts
2009-07-09 Pravin ShindeAdded files needed by debian
2009-07-07 Pravin Shindenow using the IPAPPEND option and dhcp use from initrd...
2009-07-06 Pravin ShindeImproved the userfacing page little bit
2009-07-06 Pravin ShindeFixing some messages shown in BKO boot menu
2009-07-05 Pravin ShindeAdded fedora-11 to BKO
2009-07-04 Pravin ShindeMerge branches 'warthog9' and 'master' of etherboot...
2009-07-03 Pravin Shindefixed some small problems, still not working
2009-07-03 John 'Warthog9... Initial draft of new layout proposal
2009-07-03 Pravin ShindeAdded basic support for fedora live cd
2009-06-26 Pravin Shindefixed the problems with name in ubuntu.conf
2009-06-26 Pravin ShindeRemoved one error from
2009-06-26 Pravin ShindeMade entries for rom, alien in ubuntu menu