Fixed DNS issues with ubuntu-9.10
[people/pravin/BKO.git] / bko / live /
2009-12-26 Pravin ShindeFixed DNS issues with ubuntu-9.10 master
2009-12-26 Pravin ShindeUbuntu 9.10 booting over HTTP without much problems
2009-12-06 Pravin ShindeFixed to work with stable karmic...
2009-12-06 Pravin Shindechanged files as per latest release of karmic kolaha
2009-11-18 Pravin ShindeAdded basic infrastructure for supporting Ubuntu 9.10
2009-09-26 Pravin ShindeFixed the iscsifs issue with ubuntu
2009-09-26 Pravin ShindeAdded Proper DNS support to debian
2009-09-12 Pravin ShindeFixed path related problems which were stopping bko...
2009-09-12 John 'Warthog9'... Merge branch 'warthog9'
2009-09-11 Pravin ShindeFixed the menus in live
2009-09-11 John 'Warthog9'... More random changes to the menuing system
2009-09-10 John 'Warthog9'... Adding in the background graphics and doing some basic...
2009-09-10 John 'Warthog9'... removing extraneous D directory