Developer's cornor

How to replicate the BKO setup on your machine?

  1. You can get the code from following git repository.
    You need to initiate submodules using following instructions before proceeding further
    git submodule init
    git submodule update
    Or you can download and run which will do above for you.
  2. Edit the config to suit your needs. It can be done with any text editor
    vi BKO/configure
    Make sure that you provide proper values for atleast BASE_URL which is the http URL where BKO will be kept on your machine. Other entries are optional, you can leave them untouched. Please refer bellow for more details on the meaning of the configuration variables.
  3. Follow the following instructions
    cd install_help
    and optionally you need to download the ISO images, or you can point to images on etherboot server or server.

Details about configuration parameters

  1. BASE_URL: gpxe will contact this URL for initial boot. and it must be HTTP URL and not linux path.
  2. ISO_LOCATION_LOCAL : The HTTP path where all ISOs will be kept. the script will download them in folder named ISO in the same location where was executed. For example, if you have executed in topmost directory (ie var/www/) then BASE_URL=http://your-ip-address/BKO/ and ISO_LOCATION_LOCAL=http://your-ip-address/ISO/

Details about installation help scripts

  1. : It is the first script that user will need. It clones and initiate the git repository which can be used for local deployment.
  2. : BKO menus are presented with help from configuration files. These configuration files .conf also includes so deployment specific information like ISO_LOCATION_LOCAL. This script genenates all these configuration files with correct information.
    Note : Soon this script will be executed automatically from Makefile.
  3. : This script is responsible for generation of all the initramfs files, needed by all supported distributions. This script do require root privileges for initramfs generation. This script uses sudo whenever it need root privileges, so user may have to enter the password more than once. User can also execute entire script as root. In case you do not have such privilages, you can use which will download these initramfs images from server for you.
  4. : Downloads the modified initramfs images which supports httpfs booting. These initramfs images are downloaded from Etherboot server. The default value for this variable will be correct one, so users dont need to temper with it.
  5. : BKO depends on ISO images of various distributions for its work. This script download those ISO's on your behalf.