2007-09-18 Michael BrownMerge branch 'master' into 3leaf-rewrite
2007-09-18 Michael BrownIB can't afford many RX buffers, because the MTU is...
2007-09-18 Michael BrownAdded arbel.c
2007-09-18 Michael BrownRemove the last remaining visible hack.
2007-09-18 Michael BrownSeparated out to a clean new drivers/infiniband directory.
2007-09-18 Michael BrownFirst version that works with SELF_INIT!
2007-09-18 Michael BrownGets most of the way through initialisation.
2007-09-18 Michael BrownAdded sw2hw_mpt
2007-09-18 Michael BrownINIT_HCA block now matches.
2007-09-18 Michael BrownSeems to get through the ICM mapping process
2007-09-18 Michael BrownICM allocation code in place; about to start test-and...
2007-09-18 Michael BrownICM allocation code *should* now be complete.
2007-09-18 Michael BrownStarted with the ICM partitioning code.
2007-09-17 Michael BrownRestructured bits of initialisation (not testable at...
2007-09-17 Michael BrownStarting the firmware directly now works.
2007-09-17 Michael BrownStart migrating the remaining initialisation steps.
2007-09-17 Michael BrownDon't use the mailboxless version of the HW2SW_CQ comma...
2007-09-17 Michael BrownRemoved more hacks, and adjusted number of queue entrie...
2007-09-17 Michael BrownRemove hacks, and fix leaving the multicast GID.
2007-09-17 Michael BrownAdded an almost obscene amount of debugging and asserti...
2007-09-17 Michael BrownMinor debug message improvement.
2007-09-17 Michael BrownMoved iobuf.h assertions outside the static inline...
2007-09-17 Michael BrownSome interesting packet corruption happening now.
2007-09-17 Michael BrownBroadcast GID is now calculated by IPoIB layer.
2007-09-17 Michael BrownCleaned up some debug messages.
2007-09-17 Michael BrownUnicasts seem to be working. :)
2007-09-17 Michael BrownDead code disabling
2007-09-17 Michael BrownObtains a response to the get path record!
2007-09-17 Michael BrownUse pkey table access to determine broadcast GID directly.
2007-09-17 Michael BrownPrepare for adding a metadata queue to IPoIB
2007-09-17 Michael BrownDead code removal
2007-09-17 Michael BrownIPoIB code separated out to ipoib.c.
2007-09-17 Michael BrownRead port GID directly using MAD IFC.
2007-09-16 Michael BrownMulticast join now works.
2007-09-16 Michael BrownNow transmits packets on our own allocated IPoIB queue...
2007-09-16 Michael BrownAlmost working with own-queue allocation.
2007-09-16 Michael Browncreate_qp() and destroy_qp() now written (but not tested).
2007-09-16 Michael BrownStarted implementing create_qp() and destroy_qp().
2007-09-16 Michael BrownDon't get stuck in an infinite loop on negative integers!
2007-09-16 Michael BrownAdd fls() for non-constant values.
2007-09-16 Michael BrownRevert to dev_priv/owner_priv scheme, rather than conta...
2007-09-16 Michael Browndestroy_cq() now implemented (not tested).
2007-09-16 Michael Browncreate_cq() implemented (but not tested).
2007-09-16 Michael BrownMatch doorbell layout to expected usage.
2007-09-16 Michael BrownStarted to add code for CQ creation
2007-09-16 Michael BrownRearrange data structures to maximise embedding (and...
2007-09-16 Michael BrownCommand interface now reasonably friendly.
2007-09-16 Michael BrownFirst (working) draft of command interface.
2007-09-15 Michael BrownKill off more dead code.
2007-09-15 Michael Brownpost_recv() now works, and we can pass data on the...
2007-09-15 Michael BrownKill off some dead code
2007-09-15 Michael BrownHack up IB structures at start-of-day, instead of on...
2007-09-15 Michael BrownDirect polling of TX completion queue now works.
2007-09-15 Michael BrownAdd const attribute to byte-swapping functions
2007-09-15 Michael BrownUpdated MLX_* accessor macros to use implicit type...
2007-09-15 Michael BrownStarted added poll_cq() verb.
2007-09-15 Michael BrownMap the whole of physical memory
2007-09-15 Michael Brownarbel_post_send() has been observed to transmit a packet!
2007-09-15 Michael BrownGets a response out of the hardware. (An error complet...
2007-09-14 Michael BrownPrefix arbel-specific functions etc. with arbel_
2007-09-14 Michael BrownNow at least compiles
2007-09-14 Michael BrownStarting to introduce an Infiniband device abstraction
2007-09-14 Michael BrownRemove some dead code
2007-09-14 Michael BrownNow handling TX completions in our poll loop.
2007-09-14 Michael BrownProof-of-concept to manually parse completion event
2007-09-14 Michael BrownAdd EX_FLD_BE()
2007-09-13 Michael BrownStart constructing a generic poll() routine.
2007-09-13 Michael BrownCan now both send and receive packets. LL header forma...
2007-09-13 Michael BrownDump received packet, including GRH.
2007-09-13 Michael BrownUse RFC4390 whenever hardware address exceeds 16 bytes...
2007-09-13 Michael BrownBugfix: DHCP message type should be a one-byte option...
2007-09-13 Michael BrownNow sends IP packets correctly.
2007-09-13 Michael BrownBugfix: DHCP message type should be a one-byte option...
2007-09-12 Michael BrownStarted IB driver rewrite
2007-09-11 Michael BrownMerge branch 'master' into 3leaf-rewrite
2007-09-09 Michael BrownMerge branch 'master' of
2007-09-08 Michael BrownUse "/bin/echo -e" instead of shell builtin echo; some...
2007-09-08 Michael BrownCheck for correct block number in tftp_rx_data().
2007-09-08 Michael BrownRe-added the kpxe prefix. I have no idea when this...
2007-09-06 Michael BrownAdd the possibility to create .o files from arbitrary...
2007-09-06 Michael BrownAdded missing .kpxe prefix.
2007-09-06 Michael BrownMinor style fix: structure fields are generally initial...
2007-08-30 Marty ConnorTFTP default blocksize fix from Vampyre
2007-08-30 Marty Connorallpxes allroms alldsks fixes from Vampyre
2007-08-30 Marty ConnorAdd sis900 variant (patch from Vampyre)
2007-08-29 Michael BrownForce MAC address for testing purposes
2007-08-23 Holger LubitzMerge branch 'master' into curses
2007-08-23 Holger LubitzMerge branch 'master' of git://
2007-08-23 Michael BrownMerge commit 'holger/strings'
2007-08-23 Michael BrownMerge branch 'master' into 3leaf
2007-08-23 Michael BrownAuto-assign drive number only if set to 0xff; almost...
2007-08-22 Michael BrownAllow legacy "make bin/etherboot.%".
2007-08-21 Michael BrownMerge branch 'master' into 3leaf
2007-08-20 Holger Lubitzuse malloc attribute
2007-08-20 Holger Lubitzuse malloc attribute
2007-08-20 Holger Lubitzuse malloc attribute
2007-08-20 Holger Lubitzuse malloc attribute
2007-08-20 Holger Lubitzuse malloc attribute
2007-08-20 Holger Lubitzuse malloc attribute
2007-08-20 Holger Lubitzuse malloc attribute