2009-04-13 Joshua OremanAdd fireserve to CLEANUP
2009-04-13 Joshua OremanRemove ref to removed memdebug code
2009-04-13 Joshua OremanAdd errfile decl.
2009-04-13 Joshua OremanOops, forgot another.
2009-04-13 Joshua OremanOops, forgot a file.
2009-04-13 Joshua OremanAdd protocol for loading images over FireWire. Mainly...
2009-04-13 Joshua OremanAdd firebug to CLEANUP
2009-04-13 Joshua OremanTypo fix
2009-04-13 Joshua OremanFireWire debugging fixes, speedups, and reorganizations.
2009-04-10 Joshua Oremanbetter bus reset code
2009-04-09 Joshua OremanZero last fix: no __always_inline
2009-04-09 Joshua OremanOne last fix: no need for 'initialized' check
2009-04-09 Joshua Oremanfixes re Stefan's code review
2009-04-07 Joshua Oremanremove #ifdef OHCI1394_DEBUG, no longer used
2009-04-07 Joshua Oremantab fix
2009-04-07 Joshua OremanLeave GDB configuration defines properly #undef'ed
2009-04-07 Joshua OremanCommenting & cleanup
2009-04-07 Joshua Oremanremove spurious debugging statements
2009-04-07 Joshua OremanPoll gPXE regularly for new data.
2009-04-07 Joshua Oremanmore debug whee
2009-04-07 Joshua Oremandebugging fixes
2009-04-07 Joshua Oremandebugging fixes
2009-04-07 Joshua Oreman[gdbstub-firewire] Add missing gpxe/nap.h include
2009-04-07 Joshua Oreman[gdbstub-firewire] Add GDB middle-end, plus small chang...
2009-04-06 Joshua Oreman[gdbstub-firewire] Add {rx,tx}_ringaddr parameters...
2009-04-06 Joshua Oreman[gdbstub-firewire] Bugfixes and integration for the...
2009-04-06 Joshua OremanGDB firewire backend.
2009-04-06 Joshua OremanOHCI 1394 stub driver for debugging.
2009-04-06 Joshua OremanFix mkisofs command line to work with newest versions.
2009-04-06 Joshua Oremansky2 driver. Still buggy.
2009-03-31 Michael Brown[build] Don't assume the existence of "seq"
2009-03-31 Michael Brown[efi] Allow building with non-system libbfd
2009-03-31 Michael Brown[efi] Fix compilation on Mac OS X.
2009-03-31 Joshua Oreman[build] Use __SIZE_TYPE__ macro in definition of size_t
2009-03-31 Joshua Oreman[3c90x] Add missing size_t format specifier
2009-03-31 Michael Brown[efi] Use POSIX version of basename() in elf2efi.c
2009-03-31 Michael Brown[build] Add --divide to ASFLAGS if supported by the...
2009-03-31 Michael Brown[int13] Improve debugging messages
2009-03-31 Michael Brown[segment] Add "Requested memory not available" error...
2009-03-30 Michael Brown[resolv] Simplify xfer_redirect() logic
2009-03-30 Michael Brown[http] Support HTTP redirection
2009-03-30 Michael Brown[xfer] Implement xfer_vreopen() to properly handle...
2009-03-30 Michael Brown[bzimage] Support old (pre-2.00 bootloader) Linux kerne...
2009-03-27 Michael Brown[build] Avoid always rebuilding bin/embedded.o
2009-03-27 Daniel Verkamp[digest] md5sum and sha1sum commands
2009-03-26 Michael Brown[netdevice] Add debug message for unknown network-layer...
2009-03-26 Michael Brown[pcnet32] Fix received packet corruption
2009-03-26 Thomas Miletich[forcedeth] Add support for newer forcedeth NICs
2009-03-26 Thomas Miletich[pci] Add driver_data field to struct pci_device_id
2009-03-26 Shao Miller[time] Add the sleep command
2009-03-26 Michael Brown[settings] Fix broken assertion in fetch_string_setting...
2009-03-26 Michael Brown[build] Enable building with the Intel C compiler ...
2009-03-13 Marty Connor[3c90x] Remove src/drivers/3c90x.txt
2009-03-13 Thomas Miletich[3c90x] 3c90x driver rewrite using gPXE API
2009-03-13 Michael Brown[tables] Incorporate table data type information into...
2009-03-13 Michael Brown[tables] Redefine methods for accessing linker tables
2009-03-10 Michael Brown[tcp] Avoid setting PSH flag when SYN flag is set
2009-03-06 Daniel Verkamp[time] Add the time command
2009-03-06 H. Peter Anvin[pxeprefix] Merge common code between !PXE and PXENV+
2009-03-06 Michael Brown[settings] Allow for autovivification of settings blocks
2009-03-02 Michael Brown[release] Update version to 0.9.7+ post release
2009-03-02 Michael Brown[release] Update version to 0.9.7 for release v0.9.7
2009-03-02 Michael Brown[release] Remove obsolete VERSION file
2009-02-27 Thomas Miletich[sundance] Add reset completion check
2009-02-25 Michael Brown[infiniband] Kill off obsolete mlx_ipoib directory
2009-02-24 Michael Brown[image] Allow for zero embedded images
2009-02-24 Shao Miller[image] Added "chain" command to fetch, load, and execu...
2009-02-23 Michael Brown[pxe] Set %ax to zero on entry to PXE NBP
2009-02-23 H. Peter Anvin[pxeprefix] Search for the PXE entry points through...
2009-02-20 Michael Brown[iscsi] Include credentials in iBFT only if used during...
2009-02-19 Michael Brown[scsi] Fix DBG() message reporting of error number
2009-02-19 Michael Brown[crypto] Allow creation of arbitrary CBC cipher algorit...
2009-02-19 Michael Brown[crypto] Add our own general-purpose cipher-block chain...
2009-02-19 Michael Brown[crypto] Change cipher_{en,de}crypt() to void functions
2009-02-18 Michael Brown[crypto] Split crypto_algorithm into {digest,cipher...
2009-02-18 Michael Brown[crypto] Move AES_convert_key() hack into axtls_aes.c
2009-02-18 Michael Brown[crypto] Rename aes_algorithm to aes_cbc_algorithm
2009-02-18 H. Peter Anvin[pxe] Initialize EDX on PXE NBP entry and INT 1Ah
2009-02-18 Michael Brown[pxeprefix] Add .kkpxe image type and ability to return...
2009-02-18 Michael Brown[i386] Kill off obsolete boot1a.s file
2009-02-17 Michael Brown[dhcp] Use a default user-class of "gPXE"
2009-02-17 Michael Brown[image] Redact password from URIs displayed by imgfetch()
2009-02-17 Michael Brown[login] Add "login" command and UI
2009-02-17 Michael Brown[settings] Allow store_setting() to access the root...
2009-02-17 Michael Brown[http] Send authentication information whenever usernam...
2009-02-17 Michael Brown[editbox] Allow for password widgets that do not displa...
2009-02-17 Michael Brown[pxe] Allow Escape to abort PXE menu selections
2009-02-17 Michael Brown[icmp] Add support for responding to pings
2009-02-17 Daniel Verkamp[comboot] Implement INT 22h AX=001Bh (Cleanup, shuffle...
2009-02-17 Michael Brown[comboot] Restore the real-mode stack pointer on exit...
2009-02-17 Michael Brown[comboot] Unhook interrupt vectors after returning...
2009-02-17 Michael Brown[comboot] Fix reference counting on replacement images
2009-02-17 Michael Brown[comboot] Allow for tail recursion of COMBOOT images
2009-02-16 Michael Brown[uri] Allow use of relative URIs when calling churi()
2009-02-16 Michael Brown[build] Cope with oddities in the Fedora 10 assembler
2009-02-16 Michael Brown[build] Fix building on gcc 3
2009-02-16 Michael Brown[build] Allow NO_WERROR=1 to inhibit --fatal-warnings...
2009-02-16 Michael Brown[image] Avoid claiming zero-length images as valid
2009-02-16 Michael Brown[image] Allow multiple embedded images
2009-02-15 Michael Brown[romprefix] Update ROM checksum even if PMM allocation...