[efi] Synchronise EFI header files
[people/meteger/gpxe.git] / src / include / gpxe / efi / efi.h
2010-07-07 Michael Brown[efi] Synchronise EFI header files
2010-06-03 Geoff Lywood[efi] Add the "snpnet" driver
2010-05-30 Geoff Lywood[efi] Update UEFI header files with latest version...
2009-03-31 Michael Brown[efi] Fix compilation on Mac OS X.
2009-03-26 Michael Brown[build] Enable building with the Intel C compiler ...
2009-03-13 Michael Brown[tables] Incorporate table data type information into...
2009-03-13 Michael Brown[tables] Redefine methods for accessing linker tables
2009-01-07 Michael Brown[efi] Allow for .efidrv images as well as .efi images
2009-01-07 Michael Brown[efi] Use elf2efi utility in place of efilink
2008-12-04 Michael Brown[efi] Allow use of EFI configuration tables
2008-11-19 Michael Brown[efi] Add efi_strerror()
2008-11-18 Michael Brown[efi] Update to latest UEFI headers
2008-10-13 Michael Brown[efi] Add EFI image format and basic runtime environment
2008-10-10 Michael Brown[efi] Add EFI headers from the EFI Development Kit...