2006-03-14 Michael BrownTowards compiling on 2.4
2006-03-14 Michael BrownBulk reads and writes now work (albeit with no flow...
2006-03-14 Michael BrownRemove the auto-direction-setting code now that we...
2006-03-14 Michael BrownBasic Makefile
2006-03-14 danfinished (I hope...)
2006-03-14 daninitial check in
2006-03-13 Michael BrownAdded HSPIO command-channel device
2006-03-13 Michael BrownMade arguments more sane and less libquickusb-like.
2006-03-13 Michael BrownAdded quickusb_{read,write}_setting (untested)
2006-03-12 Michael BrownRemoved debug messages
2006-03-12 Michael BrownAdded ioctl to get/set output enables
2006-03-12 Michael BrownHandle multiple ports
2006-03-12 Michael BrownAutomatically set port direction for read-only or write...
2006-03-12 Michael BrownUse a non-directory based hierarchical naming scheme
2006-03-12 Michael BrownSuccessfully creates device nodes, but not in subdirect...
2006-03-12 Michael BrownWorking now with some sort of sensible device registrat...
2006-03-10 Michael BrownBack to handling our own char device registration,...
2006-03-10 Michael BrownRemoved nonexistent clean-doc targets
2006-03-10 Michael BrownRead and write now working to GPPIO port A
2006-03-10 Michael BrownBased on usb-skeleton
2006-03-10 Michael BrownBefore discovering usb-skeleton.c
2006-03-10 Michael BrownReduced to bare-minimum raw USB driver.
2006-03-10 Michael BrownSkeleton usb-serial driver (stripped from ipw.c)