Minor cleanups.
[people/mcb30/legacybios.git] / Makefile
2008-03-15 Kevin O'ConnorMinor cleanups.
2008-03-13 Kevin O'ConnorMove keyboard setup to kbd.c.
2008-03-13 Kevin O'ConnorMove ata_detect call to 32bit code.
2008-03-11 Kevin O'ConnorForce functions marked as inline to always be inlined.
2008-03-09 Kevin O'ConnorAdd build option -fomit-frame-pointer.
2008-03-08 Kevin O'ConnorPort rombios32 code from bochs-bios.
2008-03-08 Kevin O'ConnorRevert "This patch adds the BIOS support for SMP, ACPI...
2008-03-06 Kevin O'ConnorThis patch adds the BIOS support for SMP, ACPI, PCI...
2008-03-06 Kevin O'ConnorAdd initial support for apmbios code.
2008-03-05 Kevin O'ConnorMove cdrom code to its own file (cdrom.c).
2008-03-03 Kevin O'ConnorApply workaround to allow compiling under Ubuntu.
2008-03-02 Kevin O'ConnorEnhance included bios tables.
2008-03-01 Kevin O'ConnorFix header guards produced by defsys.py
2008-02-29 Kevin O'ConnorInitial support for ATA disks.
2008-02-29 Kevin O'ConnorHave compiler add debugging info to main 16bit code.
2008-02-27 Kevin O'ConnorSome cleanups based on patch by Nguyen Anh Quynh
2008-02-27 Kevin O'ConnorMisc updates.
2008-02-26 Kevin O'ConnorVersion 0.1.2 rel-0.1.2
2008-02-26 Kevin O'ConnorVersion 0.1.1 rel-0.1.1
2008-02-26 Kevin O'ConnorInitial checkin. rel-0.1.0