Limit cdrom emulation available functions.
[people/mcb30/legacybios.git] / src / disk.c
2008-03-23 Kevin O'ConnorRemove redundant debug statements from disk.c.
2008-03-23 Kevin O'ConnorCleanup cdrom emulation.
2008-03-23 Kevin O'ConnorUse "FARPTR" consistently in macros.
2008-03-23 Kevin O'ConnorFix disk_1301 handler.
2008-03-23 Kevin O'ConnorBreakout cdrom emulation support into CONFIG_CDROM_EMU.
2008-03-13 Kevin O'ConnorUse LBA disk access methods always; don't use CHS methods.
2008-03-13 Kevin O'ConnorMove irq_enable/disable out of ata.c
2008-03-13 Kevin O'ConnorUse 32bit absolute pointers for buffers in ATA code.
2008-03-11 Kevin O'ConnorReorganize ata code; reduce stack usage.
2008-03-11 Kevin O'ConnorUnify ata_cmd_data_in/out functions.
2008-03-11 Kevin O'ConnorReduce stack usage for ISRs; minor fixes.
2008-03-09 Kevin O'ConnorMinor debugging improvements.
2008-03-09 Kevin O'ConnorReplace debug_exit calls with debug info while setting...
2008-03-09 Kevin O'ConnorMinor cleanups.
2008-03-08 Kevin O'ConnorClean up disk debugging messages.
2008-03-06 Kevin O'ConnorRename VISIBLE macro for better control.
2008-03-05 Kevin O'ConnorGet CDROM emulation working.
2008-03-05 Kevin O'ConnorMove cdrom code to its own file (cdrom.c).
2008-03-05 Kevin O'ConnorInitial cd emulation code.
2008-03-04 Kevin O'ConnorInitial cdrom support.
2008-03-02 Kevin O'ConnorBug fixes; get mouse working.
2008-03-02 Kevin O'ConnorAdd additional int15 handlers for disk drives.
2008-03-01 Kevin O'ConnorMake disk access work.
2008-02-29 Kevin O'ConnorInitial support for ATA disks.
2008-02-26 Kevin O'ConnorVersion 0.1.2 rel-0.1.2
2008-02-26 Kevin O'ConnorVersion 0.1.1 rel-0.1.1
2008-02-26 Kevin O'ConnorInitial checkin. rel-0.1.0