Fix bug in ata.c
[people/mcb30/legacybios.git] / src / ata.c
2008-03-09 Kevin O'ConnorFix bug in ata.c
2008-03-08 Kevin O'ConnorClean up disk debugging messages.
2008-03-05 Kevin O'ConnorGet CDROM emulation working.
2008-03-04 Kevin O'ConnorDon't pass segment to ata_cmd_packet.
2008-03-02 Kevin O'ConnorBug fixes; get mouse working.
2008-03-01 Kevin O'ConnorAdd copyrights to ata.c/h files.
2008-03-01 Kevin O'ConnorMake disk access work.
2008-02-29 Kevin O'ConnorInitial support for ATA disks.