Call to int 1587 shouldn't alter regs->cx.
[people/mcb30/legacybios.git] / TODO
2008-03-04 Kevin O'ConnorUbuntu workaround found; update TODO.
2008-03-03 Kevin O'ConnorAdd new item to TODO.
2008-03-02 Kevin O'ConnorEnhance included bios tables.
2008-03-02 Kevin O'ConnorVarious minor cleanups.
2008-03-01 Kevin O'ConnorReduce stack usage in call16(). rel-0.1.3
2008-03-01 Kevin O'ConnorCleanup implementation of call16().
2008-03-01 Kevin O'ConnorUpdate TODO notes.
2008-02-26 Kevin O'ConnorInitial checkin. rel-0.1.0