[undi] Fill in ProtType correctly in PXENV_UNDI_ISR
[people/mcb30/gpxe.git] / src / net / ethernet.c
2008-08-20 Michael Brown[undi] Fill in ProtType correctly in PXENV_UNDI_ISR
2007-12-07 Michael BrownVarious warnings fixups for OpenBSD with gcc-3.3.5.
2007-07-02 Marty ConnorMerge branch 'master' of ssh://rom.etherboot.org/gpxe
2007-07-02 Michael BrownAdd untested support for UNDI transmit and receive.
2007-05-19 Michael Brownpkbuff->iobuf changeover
2007-03-13 James HarperPorted bnx2 driver from Etherboot 5.4.
2007-01-19 Michael BrownUse stdio.h instead of vsprintf.h
2006-09-15 Michael BrownMade eth_ntoa() public for use in legacy drivers' DBG...
2006-08-09 Marty ConnorRemove _PROTOCOL macros for gcc 3.2 compatibility
2006-08-09 Michael BrownClarified packet ownership transfer between a few funct...
2006-06-17 Michael BrownSimplify RX data path.
2006-06-16 Michael BrownFor consistency
2006-06-16 Michael BrownSimplify TX datapath.
2006-05-27 Michael BrownTidied up debugging messages
2006-05-14 Michael BrownRewrote printf and friends to better support standard...
2006-04-28 Michael BrownNetwork layer now works as a proof of concept
2006-04-24 Michael BrownNetwork API now allows for multiple network devices...
2006-04-19 Michael BrownRemove the concept of the media-independent link-layer...